Mar 29 2015


I am super excited to kick off this blogging series Blogging building blocks (#bbb) with my friend, Holly from Bloomin’ Rouge. We thought it would be a great idea to share little things we have learnt over the course of our blogging journey that may be of help to our blogger friends out there. This is going to be a weekly series and will be on for 4 weeks starting today. Today we are discussing blog design and here are 15 resources to aid your blog design process.
Gathering Inspiration
Gathering ideas and inspiration is the first step towards a new design. This is the most exciting and important part, and spending a good chunk of time here would make the rest of the process a lot easier. While gathering ideas, it is good to keep in mind the mission, voice and aesthetic of your blog.
Pinterest is one of the best places to find visual inspiration. Create a secret inspiration board to pin all the images that inspire your design in terms of color, fonts, patterns, layouts and themes.
Behance is an awesome platform created by Adobe to showcase creative design and art work. You can find a blast of inspiration in the work created by designers all over the world.
Evernote web clipper: Many times while browsing other websites, you may come across features that you might like for your own design. You can collect these in Evernote by using the web clipper add-on for your browser. Just clip the webpage and it will be stored for you to reference later.
Sketchbook Express: I love the idea of sketching the layout and other design elements like headers, icons etc. on paper to create a mock up of the design. Paper and pencil are great, but if you are on the go, Sketchbook Express is a great app to sketch a design on your phone.
Choosing Design Elements
Adobe Color: If you want to put together an effective color palette for your design, Adobe Color is the place to go. It makes the whole process easy by providing pre-made color palettes that you can choose from and also an interface to create your own custom palettes.
DaFont is a reservoir of free fonts that you can download and use for your design. From beautiful script fonts to funky to formal, you can always find a font to suit your design needs.
Google Fonts is another wonderful, free font resource for your blog design. It is super easy to integrate with any blogging platform and you can set it up for use in seconds.
Font awesome: Do you struggle to find the right icons for your blog design, for eg. social media icons, navigation icons etc.? Font awesome consists of a huge collection of icons that you can easily use in your design.
Creating Graphics
Adobe Illustrator is a great tool to create graphics like headers, patterns, buttons, signatures for your design. Though it has a learning curve, the possibilities that it offers are endless.
Canva is a great free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It makes it super easy for even non-designers to create awesome graphics within minutes. It has a huge library of fonts, textures and images to choose from, and is a very user-friendly platform.
Creative Market: If you want to avoid the hassle of creating graphics for your blog, Creative market is an awesome place to find pre-made logos, headers and other graphic elements for the design.
Learning Software & Coding
Learning to code is easy, all it takes is a bit of patience and some time. Here are a few places to help you develop the skills required for designing your blog.
Skillshare for creating graphics for your design (Using Adobe Illustrator, typography, color usage etc.)
Lynda for learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP – required for coding the design.
Code Academy, an interactive platform to learn and practice web design coding.


Stack overflow, the best place to find answers to any technical questions that you may have.
Ah, that was a long list of resources. But I am sure, these gems will go a long way in helping you create a great and effective design for your blog.
Are you excited for this series? Me and holly definitely are, and next week we will be discussing blog photography. Head over to Holly’s blog to read about 5 steps to creating a great blog design.

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