5 Useful Apps To Edit Your Photos For Instagram

Jun 18 2015
5 apps to edit photos instagram

I can literally spend hours scrolling through gorgeous photos in my Instagram feed. If there’s anything that makes me click on the follow button on Instagram, it is the content : breath taking landscapes, delicious food bites or beautiful calligraphy and art. Just like in blogging, creating great content is essential for social media as well.

Ever since I started creating content specifically for Instagram, I’ve seen a significant increase in my audience and engagement. If you want to read about the top 5 apps I use to get my photos ready for Instagram, Click here to read the post I wrote for The Nectar Collective a few weeks ago.

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What are your favorite apps to edit photos for Instagram?

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  • I love Afterlight to edit my photos. I love your Instagram!

    Jenna // Beauty And The Style

  • I absolutely love Afterlight. It's such an easy editor to use. Thanks for the lovely post- wonderful read!

  • emily couture

    I love using Afterlight πŸ™‚

    emily xx


  • Ah thanks a lot Jenna πŸ™‚ Afterlight is a great app! xx

  • Glad to hear thaat emma, it is a wonderful app. What are your favorite filters on the app?

  • Hi Emily! What are your favorite presets in afterlight? xx

  • Afterlight is definitely in my top 5 list of editing apps. VSCO is my fave though!


  • Such a lovely post! I'm always on the hunt for good photo editing apps.. x

  • Thanks Rhiannon! Hope you' re well? What are your favorite editing apps? x

  • Hi Fionna! πŸ™‚ I love VSCO for everything, its an awesome app!

  • Aw I am well thank you, hope yuo are too? Definitely VSCO cam! So easy to use too πŸ™‚ x