Apr 05 2015


This is the second installment of Blogging building blocks – #bbb and today, me and Holly from Bloomin rouge are discussing blog photography.
Honestly, its not very often I get the perfect shot straight out of the camera. Most of the times, I need to apply a few edits to make my photos look the way I want them to. Editing can be overwhelming at first, especially with the unlimited options that are available. I currently use Lightroom and Photoshop for photo editing, but here is a list of some of the best photo editors that you can choose from. Over time, I have developed a simple workflow for my editing process and here it is in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Selecting photos: I first transfer all the photos from the camera SD card to my computer. If I am not using camera tethering, I usually take multiple shots for a photo and choose the best of the lot. To select the photos, I import all the photos into Lightroom. By placing them right next to each other on one screen, I can easily compare and decide which photo I like the best. Accordingly, I flag the selected photos and delete the rest.Step 2. Applying edits: Once the photos are chosen, I import them into Photoshop for editing. All edits are not necessary for every photo. Depending on the problems in the photo, I use certain editing tools to tweak it and make it look the best it can.  Here are the most common problems I encounter and the respective photoshop tools I use to fix them:

Problem 1: The photo composition is not right
  • Crop : Use the crop tool to cut out any unnecessary parts of the photo that might have entered the frame.
  • Straighten : Use the straighten tool to align the subject of the photo correctly.
Problem 2 : The photo is over or under exposed 
  • Curves : Adjust the histogram of the photo using the curves tool. The upper right of the graph represents highlights and lower-left represents the shadows.
  • Exposure : Increase or decrease the light in the photo using the exposure tool.
Problem 3 : The photo looks dull and grainy
  • Sharpen : This tool emphasizes the outlines of objects in the photo and increases clarity.
  • Vibrance : Increase vibrance to bring out the colors in the photo.
  • Brightness : Adjust the tones in the photo by playing around with the brightness.
Problem 4 : The colors in the photo look a bit off
  • White Balance : You can select a point that you think should be the whitest, darkest or a gray point in the photo. Accordingly the rest of the photo is balanced.
  • Contrast : To emphasize the different color tones present in the photo.
  • Color balance : To adjust the intensities of different colors (RGB) in the photo, play around with the color balance tool.
  • Saturation : Fine tune the colors in the photo using the saturation adjustment tool.

Problem 5 : The photo has strong shadows and highlights

  • Shadows/Highlights tool : If your photo has strong shadows or highlights, use the shadows/highlights tool to lighten shadows and correct washed out highlights.

Sometimes, I edit in just one step by using this 1-minute trick for bright blog photos!

Step 3. Get it ready for the web: Once the editing is complete, its time to export it in a format that is ready for the web. Here are two important things to consider:
  • Resize: Most camera photos have very high resolution and therefore a very large file size. Such heavy photos will slow down the speed of your website, so it is important to resize the photo to a size that suits your site. I usually resize my photos to a width of 1000px.
  • Color profile: Most cameras use the Adobe RGB color profile, but the best color profile for the web is the sRGB. In order for your photos to look good on the internet, you need to convert your photos’ color profile from Adobe RGB to sRGB. In photoshop, the ‘Save for Web’ option is very helpful for this as it provides an option to convert to sRGB profile and export in a jpeg format. Don’t forget to give the photo a meaningful name as that will help people find your photos through search engines.
Ooh, that looks like a long process, isn’t it? But trust me, once you develop a workflow, it doesn’t take more than 2-3 minutes to edit each photo. Editing photos is one of my favorite things to do with a cup of tea in the evenings. It is a way to relax and get creative 🙂


Holly’s Photography is absolutely beautiful, I am a huge fan. If you are wondering how she takes those lovely shots, head over to her blog to read about her Photography tips here.
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What are your best editing tips?

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  • Dang, your photos are always so good. Also, you nailed everything with this post. I'm realizing that I need something for shadow removal. doesn't have that. Maybe they have an add on. Thanks for this Chaitra!

  • Great posts it looks so chic
    if you want to check out my blog:

  • Chlo Kp

    This will be so handy, I never really fussed with shadows/highlights but I'll definitely have to go on photoshop and have a little play around! x

  • Great tips, your photos always looks amazing!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Win a Luxury Beauty Item of your Choice

  • Jo

    I usually use the rule of thirds when I'm cropping pictures too and if I'm in Picasa I warmify the pictures as that helps with the colour contrasting
    Jo xxx

  • Woah, this article is so helpfull, thanks for sharing <3

    x Isabella (

  • Amazing tips as per usual – I'm always so impressed by both yours and Holly's photos, so I need to follow these steps properly!! x

  • Such amazing tips, and this is definitely being bookmarked!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Oly

    This was really helpful! Hopefully I will be able to recreate your wonderful pictures on my blog! 🙂

  • Thank you for this! My #1 tool I can't live without is the 'Shadows' ones at this time of year! xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

  • 🙂 I agree , this weather makes it a bit tricky for photos. I love that the sun is coming out xx

  • 🙂 Great to know that oly! x

  • Thanks a lot annabel 🙂 SO glad to know that! xx

  • Ah thanks so so much lovely 🙂 Your photos are amazing too xx

  • Thanks a lot isabella 🙂 xx

  • Yes picasa is a great tool, i love it 🙂 x

  • Thanks a lot maddy 🙂 I am a fan of your photography too xx

  • 🙂 Yes definitely, hope it works out well for you! xx

  • Thanks xx

  • Hollyy! 🙂 Thanks so much. Ah I hope they have a plugin or something to help! 🙂 Will write to you soon xx

  • Great post dear! But somehow I can't find the white balance and shadow/highlight tool in PS. Where can I find them?

  • Question: I live in New England where they say " don't like the weather? wait 40 minutes!" This can be rough for photos. I take some on a nice gray day, go to make a cup a tea, and come back to sunshine- grrr. How do you deal when the light has drastically changed? Do you edit them as close to photos taken in the desired light as possible? This also goes with food photography where there might be a few hours between conception and "birth" 😉

  • Love this! My editing process is much simpler mainly because I have no clue about 80% of the settings in my editor, but this has helped a lot! 🙂 And I'm so sorry my blog template is giving you grief Chaitra! Haha, I hope things get sorted out :O

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • Amazing tips – thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, I will definitely use this!

    xo Mel || Sketch & Scribbles

  • Masja Zweers

    Thank you so much for the amazing tips!

    My Makeup Mémoire

  • These are wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow that's fantastic advice! Sounds like Lightroom is really simple to use, too.
    Thank you so much for sharing ????

  • Hi Jocellyn! I know changing lighting situations can be frustrating when you are trying to get a set of shots. So i tend to schedule a time to shoot my photos bases on the weather forecast. And also say things go wrong, you can edit the white balance to make the photos look close. Hope this helps, let me know xx

  • You are so welcome suzzy 🙂 xx

  • Weclome ashlyn 🙂 Thanks for reading! xx

  • So welcome masja 🙂 x

  • Ah thanks melane 🙂 Let me know how they work for you !x

  • 🙂 So glad to hear that i helped sheri 🙂 Will reply to you soon xx

  • Hi anna, thank you 🙂 You can find them in the menu — go to Image >> Adjustments. Let me know if this works 🙂 xx

  • I completely agree that editing photos becomes a lot easier once you get the hang of it. When i started my blog I was really overwhelmed at first but then it just becomes a simple process. thanks for the tips!

    Zahra x

    The Girl In The
    Silk Pashmina

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  • Pretty Messy Mellon

    I tend to spend too much time trying to get my pics looking pretty lol, iv been using pic monkey to edit. love your tips!

  • So I just discovered you (thanks bloglovin!), and you are a wonderful lady! Such great tips and super easy to follow. Thank you!!