Mar 05 2015

Its been a little over an year since I wrote my first post, and my blog has evolved a lot since then. I began with writing about beauty and a few lifestyle posts sprinkled here and there. Soon, I fell in love with photography and wanted to share a little bit of what I learnt with everyone. Being a technical person, my love for web design pulled me into creating an online design shop – PinkPot Designs. I have loved every bit of this journey so far and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

But surely, the best part about this journey has been interacting with you all and building a community here for PinkPot. I love talking to you on email, twitter, through blog comments and everywhere else possible. 
I thought it would be a good idea to open up a post for questions and discussion. I would love to hear any questions you may have for me. Whether it is about the blog, photography, design, life in general, anything and everything in between – simply shoot! Also if you’d like to see posts from me about certain topics, I’d love to hear about that too.

Feel free to answer other’s questions too in the comments, I would love for this to be more like a discussion of sorts!

If you don’t have a question for me, I have one for you πŸ™‚ – What is the one thing that you want to accomplish with your blog in 2015?

Leave your questions down below in the comments. Let’s have a little chat party, you all!

Ask me anything πŸ™‚

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    What a brilliant idea, so much to ask, so little time right now….So I suppose the biggest question from me is, how to find time, and life work balance with a blog? xx

  • My goal for 2015 with my blog is to engage more on social media (so not really with my blog, but for my blog). I struggle to find the time to dedicate to social media because I don't get too much enjoyment out of it, but I know it is essential to increase traffic and response to my blog. Any suggestions for making it more manageable time wise, or more fun?

    Alyssa J Freitas

  • Feyi A

    Why did you start a blog and will you keep blogging in about 5 years?


  • So exciting! You've done so well in just a year, it's definitely an accomplishment <3 I was curious to know what some of your favorite places to visit in your hometown are? Where do you like to hang out, what do you like to do?

    Sofia |

  • What do you find is the easiest way to gain a large following?
    Ashleigh x

    Being Ashleigh Blog

  • I started my blog as a creative outlet to share my thoughts on beauty and life. And yes the way everything is going, I think I ll be blogging for as far as i can see now πŸ™‚ The blog may evolve , but it will be here for sure!

    What about you feyi? What was the reason to start your blog? Would love to hear the story!


  • Hey sofia! Thanks so much, very kind!

    I am from a city called Bangalore in India. I love the street I grew up in, it reminds me of my school days. Some of my favorite things to do are definitely shopping in the small streets of commercial street for indian clothes, visiting the lalbagh (huge garden with a variety of flowers) . Since i stayed in the same house for close to 23 years of my life, I love my neighbors, they are like family. I love chatting with them in the middle of the street – its so much fun! Also there are so many local food shops in the city, I love eating freshly made – Indian chaats, drink fruit juices and many other local savories like dosa, vegetable puffs.

    Uh okay, this post is actually not going to end πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much for asking this sofia, it brought back all my lovely memories!

    Where did you grow up? What are you favorite things to do in your hometown? Tell me all about it πŸ™‚


  • Hi Ashleigh! πŸ™‚

    I am not sure about how to gain a large following. But what i do know is putting out great content and building meaningful relationships with other bloggers will definitely help in growing your blog and increasing your audience.

    Importantly it all takes time i guess. When did you start your blog? What motivates you to write your blog? I d love to hear!


  • Chaitra,
    I love your blog and I LOVE following you on Twitter. My question is, therefore, Twitter related. I really want to build a community and meet some incredible people. Every time I ask someone how, they say through Twitter. So how do you do find people to engage with on Twitter? I follow a lot of my favorite blogs, but am not sure how to find others who may be willing to chat with me.

    Thanks for everything!

  • Ooo, chaats! Now I miss home!

  • Thank you for the advice! I will be sure to attempt to implement it. I started blogging seriously the summer between my freshmen and sophomore year of college. I became fascinated and obsessed with designing, creating content, and just all around making a site I am proud of. I was working as a nanny so when the kids were at camp I was blogging. My goals for the blog are not quite defined. I am not monetizing right now and I'm not sure if that path is right for my blog. Treating it as a fun and creative outlet is my main focus. It's a place where I can be just a little less serious!

  • Brenda Bentley Pruitt

    Thank you. Great website!

  • Ditte Christiansen

    Hi Chaitra, I also love your blog – it's easy to see that you have a real knack for the technical side of blogging and that is really inspiring. I just started my blog for just about the same reasons as you, I see. I just love makeup and have always done my own and my friends makeup for different occasions. I started to get a lot of questions from my co-workers and friends – sort of follow-up questions about the makeup I did on them for the christmas party and so on. I started my blogbecause I felt like I knew something that could contribute to many womens lives and now I love it!

    I struggle sometimes with feeling a bit ridiculous. I mean, I'm in my thirties and I have my day job and my family – and know I want more! So one of my questions are: did you have an understanding from your friends and family for wanting to put yourself out there and sort of be an "expert" on a topic that isn't really your profession? (I dont think it is, anyway -otherwise I'm sorry, then I misread some of your posts about your job! Maybe it's difficult to understand, but I am from Denmark – a small country in Europe. We have a strong value in our country – it's kind of a culturel thing which is called "janteloven". It means "Don't think you are better than everyone". It's a deeply engraved thing in many Danes and kind of a thing I have to combat a lot when I do put myself out there and trying to achieve something different than many others.

    And another question is, how did you go about getting followers? Did you use facebook, instagram, twitter? Because I find that it's hard to reach out to more people than I already have in my life; friends co-workers etc.?


  • I launched my graphic design services last week and I'm working on getting my website to look more proffessional. My goal for my blog is to start write about topics my ideal clients would love to read about. I wish to find the right target for my business:)

  • Like Chaitra said, great content, but more importantly being consistent with the great content! I think when people know you for your wonderful posts and can count on them, they will keep coming back. I also think responding to comments and interacting with others on social media helps to grow your following. It doesn't happen overnight, it just takes time! πŸ™‚

  • I always seem to see your posts blowing up on Bloglovin' and I notice you share your post link in Bloglovin' on Twitter/social media. Do you think that makes a huge difference in terms of people "saving" it there or just a coincidence? Do you see any difference in posts that get a lot of saves converting to traffic/readers? Have a good weekend, Chaitra!

  • Agreed above! What I love about you is that you regularly comment back and I think so many bloggers out there don't do that. It shows you care πŸ™‚

  • πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot jocellyn, its nice to interact, it makes blogging so much fun πŸ™‚ And i am so glad you check back in here often. Thanks a lot!

  • You bet, I love love it! πŸ™‚ x

  • Thats great to hear alyssa πŸ™‚ Each blog is different, and its important you do what seems right to you than what everybody else is doing. I m so glad that blogging is such a fun thing for you to do, its awesome that you enjoy it so much ! Good luck with everything Alyssa xx

  • Hi Jillian! πŸ™‚ I love your question because I too struggled for a long time on twitter. I never seemed to find the right people to connect with. I'd say just follow the bloggers you genuinely love and start conversations with them by replying to their tweets. Now, sometimes people might not reply, but dont take that to heart, just move on.

    One more thing is to participate in twitter chats , I see you do participate in a lot of chats which is a great thing πŸ™‚ You will find like minded people to chat with – it takes a little time.

    I think you are doing great on twitter, just continue πŸ™‚ And anytime you want a chat, I m there – just ping me! πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for reading my blog – it means so much to me πŸ™‚


  • Hi ditte πŸ™‚

    Nice to know you are from Denmark πŸ™‚ I stayed in Sweden a while ago, and visited Copenhagen a couple of times. It was great fun! πŸ™‚

    I still have a day job ditte. So it was very gradual, my family and friends were supportive since the beginning – as this was a creative outlet for me to share my experiences. Even now, I don't think I am an expert of sorts, because honestly I am not. My blog is a place where I share what i learn with everyone. Maybe you can explain to your family about how having this online space means a lot to you and makes you happy? And how it is a good thing to share your knowledge with everyone? I m sure they will understand.

    I think putting out great content and interacting with like minded people on twitter will help grow your audience. I use twitter to talk to other bloggers , and its a great place to hang out! Just put yourself out there and reach out to people, it makes all the difference πŸ™‚

    Hope this helps , good luck ditte! I look forward to chatting more with you! xx

  • Thats brilliant Jeanette! πŸ™‚ You are doing a great job! Yes finding the target audience can be hard but it is very important. What steps have you taken towards this and what do you find the hardest so far? I d love to hear your experience πŸ™‚ x

  • I have joined a few fb groups so far, but that's it. Been working more on my website the last days:) One thing I'm wondering is what more I can do. But I will also start with posting contents to my ideal readers and clients.

  • Chaitra, you have got to be the sweetest girl ever! I also love that you are in the US and are on twitter late. πŸ™‚

    I have been putting a lot more effort, and I definitely try to reply to bloggers I follow. My fear is that I will come off as a crazy fan-stalker, and just annoy them instead of making a genuine connection. However, I am perfectly willing to accept that that is my own weird insecurity and not based in reality. πŸ˜‰

    Thank you so much for your reply. I really do enjoy your blog, and am always excited when you post!

  • That's so awesome (& really makes me want to visit India, which I've already wanted to do for a long time). I love hearing about what people love about where they live. Other cultures are so fascinating. I've grown up in a mixture of places, never really stayed tied down to one, so I don't really call any one place 'home' really! But where I currently live, where I have been living since 2006, I absolutely love spending time at the beach, swimming in the ocean, exploring the historic districts & farmer's markets. I also like to find new places to eat, much like you, fresh foods, as long as they're vegan… but I wish the food in the US was as delicious as Indian food! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the reply, I loved reading it! <3

    Sofia |

  • Samileen

    Can you please do a tutorial on customising the Popular Post widget just like yours??? Pretty please πŸ™‚