Nov 16 2014
When it comes to blogging, I think photography is just as important as the content. I remember when I started blogging last year, I was clueless about what was required for taking good photos. Over time, I read many photography blogs, researched on equipment and finally put together what I call as the blog photography kit. And if you are looking to put together your own, here are some things that you might find useful.
•Note• This list is elaborate, and you certainly do not need all these equipment. A simple camera and good lighting should be good to get you started. However eventually, if you happen to delve deep into the world of photography, you may want to expand your kit.
Camera: As cliched as it sounds, it is true – A good camera doesn’t make a good photo, a good photographer does. So, any camera from a high end DSLR to the one on your phone can work for you if you invest time in learning to utilize it to its full potential. I think its best to work with whatever camera you have for a while before you figure out what more you want. If you are on the lookout for a good camera to invest in, here is a list of the best options to choose from.
Lens: The default lens on any camera works just fine, but depending on your purpose and the kind of photos you want – i.e higher sharpness, depth of field, angle width etc. – you may want to look into some lenses that do the job for you. Here is a great article to help you with lenses for your DSLR and here is another article to help you find the right lenses for your phone. Yes, there are lenses for your iPhone too!
Lighting: Natural light is your best friend and you should jump at every opportunity to shoot in the sunshine. True. However, if you live in a place where it gets dark by 4pm or there aren’t huge windows, it can practically become impossible to get well-lit photos. If you are on a budget, here is a lovely DIY photography lighting kit which can help you get super bright photos on dark gloomy days. Alternatively, you may want to invest in this affordable lighting kit from amazon.
Remote: If you require to take selfies for your blog, then getting a remote is a great idea. Camera remotes are very affordable and trust me, they make the job so much more easier. Amazon basics remoteCanon RC-6 and iPhone Remote are some options to look into.
Tripod: If the camera gets a bit shaky and you need better focus to avoid blurry photos, you can get a tripod to help keep your camera stable. This amazon best seller is a great tripod to start with.
Diffuser & Reflector: To diffuse harsh sunlight, you can use a white translucent bed sheet as a diffuser to soften the light and eliminate dark shadows and highlights. To reflect the light on to your subject for more brightness, a white foam or card board can work wonders as a reflector.
Photo editing tools: Choose a couple of photo editors which you are comfortable working with to spruce up your photos and add that extra oomph. Here is my list of 13 best photo editors to choose from.
My Photography Kit essentials
Due to my obsessive browsing of the Sephora website [sale], beauty posts have taken a backseat on my blog during the last week, but things will spring back to normal and we will be talking lipsticks and eyeliners very soon! Have a happy Sunday, my folks! 😉
What are your photography essentials?

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  • Such a great post with some really useful tips!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Great post! I'm really looking to develop upon my photographs and maybe branch into actual photographs of me (displeased).

    average adventures

  • I need the light box bad, but I could never make that lol. I am in Saudi Arabia and my house has no natural light. I have one room my sons which I try to take pictures in during the day and even then it's not the best/

  • Siobhan Donnelly

    Really useful post, thank you!
    Siobhan xx

  • I really need to expand my photography kit which is why I'm saving up at the moment (so hard to do whenever I pass something I like on a shop window)

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  • Rachel Marie

    Very useful, thanks! x

  • I have bookmarked the lighting kit as my flat only has one tiny spotlight in each room so i think that would be really helpful, thanks as always I always learn something from you and your posts xxx

  • Annabel

    I hate to admit I only have a camera in my 'kit'…really should think about expanding on it, especially after reading this!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Thank you maddy 🙂 Glad it was useful! xx

  • Thanks sweety! Dont worry it takes time, but you can do it definitely! x

  • Hi Noor 🙂 I know how bad lighting can be frustrating. If it gets too bad, get a lighting kit! Thanks for reading lovely x

  • Glad siobhan! Thank you x

  • Ha ha 🙂 I feel you elma! Cant have all at once 😉 though i wish! All the best in resisting the temptation to splurge! 😉 xx

  • Glad rachel, you are so welcome! xx

  • Ah so sweet of you to say that jess 🙂 Hope that lighting kit helps you xx

  • Trust me, camera is the most important thing! 🙂 Rest can be added eventually when you feel the need for it. Thanks for reading Annabel <3 x

  • So welcome divya, hope it will be of some help! 🙂 x

  • Loved reading this. Its true i only use my Iphone 5s camera but always get complimented on my photos. x
    Emma |

  • This is a great list! Photos is one of the hardest bits I find about blogging and I want to improve mine – but finding it so hard in the winter, just trying to take as many photos as I can during the day x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  • Lovely blogpost! I really love photography, but I find I have too much work for school. But the minute I have time, I go out and try to take some lovely snaps.

    Great post!

  • Thats so good emma! Nice to know 🙂 xx

  • Thanks jasmin! 🙂 I know the dark winters make it horrible to photography! Make the best use of the sun 🙂 x

  • Thank you sweety, so nice to know you enjoy photography too! 🙂 x

  • Thanks for the advice. Great post.

  • Great Article! I have the same lens for my Canon that I use for my blog photography.

  • Thanks Jay 🙂 Glad you liked it! xx

  • Thanks lovely! Its a brilliant lens! Love it xx

  • I really need a tripod, haha my hands are always so shaky and I end up with 20 blurry shots and sometimes have to re-take! xD
    Great post Chaitra!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • These are some great tips. It didn't even occur to me that I could use a reflector. Better add that to my wish list fast-I could definitely use one!

    Also, I own a fish eye lens for my iPhone-they are so fun! 😀


  • Thank you sheri! 🙂 Tripod will be definitely helpful then 🙂 ha ha! x

  • Hi shree, thank you! Yup get that foam board, it ll help a lot! x

  • Tanvi

    Chaitra..just stumbled upon your blog and loving it. You are very beautiful and so is your blog 🙂 Chaitra, a big big request to you. I have the same hair type as yours but can't maintain the curls very well. Could you please..pretty please do a post on the products you use and the hair routine you follow. It would be greatly appreciated. I saw a post of yours on curly hair but it was generic. Would love to know about the particular products which you use and love.

  • Wow. That lighting kit is ridiculously affordable. How is that even possible? Good find!

  • I know it is! 🙂 By the way what lighting do you use for your videos? It is pretty bright! x

  • Thank you so so much for the sweet comment Tanvi! Very kind of you! I will definitely make a post about my hair care for you very soon, so watch out for that! thanks again! x

  • I have two softbox lights. I live in a basement suite, so almost all my photos are taken with those lights too.

  • tanvi

    Thanks Chaitra. I am sure it will help many.

  • I'm definitely an amateur blogger + photographer even though I work in social media marketing by day. I'm in the process of taking a photography class on udemy but light is my next hurdle. Do you have any tips for learning to work with it?

  • Hi Lindsay! Thanks for reading, i will definitely write a post soon on working in low light 🙂 xx

  • This is so useful, thank you. I had no idea lighting was so affordable! Bookmarking for reference 🙂 x

    Rachel | A Little Grey

  • Looking forward to more photography tips for bloggers, thank you!