In order to style the text on your website, you will need to write CSS code for each text property. These properties can be anything from size, color, text-case, thickness of the text etc. Let's explore each of the CSS properties that we need to style text. Click to learn more >>
How To Style Text Using CSS For Your Blog

I love coding websites and I love teaching how to do it. If you are wondering what CSS is, you can read all about the basics of CSS here. CSS stands for Cascading style sheets and if you are into web development, you need to know...

Changing logo on every page refresh? So fun! Read all about my web development project for I want you to know - Kristabel Plummer by PinkPot Design STudio!
Latest in Portfolio: I Want You To Know

It always feels great to see a project that you’ve been working come to life after all the hard work behind the scenes. Today, I am super excited to share my recent work for the amazing fashion blog I Want You To Know written by...

Taking classes on Skillshare has not only been rejuvenating but has also helped me hone my skills and better my art. I have taken multiple classes during this past year and here are the 5 Skillshare classes that I absolutely loved and would recommend for you. Click to read more!
5 Amazing Skillshare Classes for Bloggers and Creatives

If you are an active part of the creative community, you have most definitely heard of Skillshare classes. Developing skills outside of your business or job can be really refreshing, relaxing and can be a great for your creativity as well. As much as I love...

My new e-course, iPhone-o-graphy is open for enrollment until 28th Nov ! CHECK IT OUT NOW
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