You know what’s more important than the subject of the photo? Its the background of the photo. A good background makes the subject pop against it. Here are 10 backdrop ideas for your Instagram and blog photos and guess what? They are all under $20. Click to read the full post here >>
12 Photo Backdrop Ideas For Instagram under $20

You know what’s more important than the subject of the photo? Its the background of the photo. By background, I mean the surface or area on or in front of which the subject is placed. So what makes a good background? A good background supports...

It takes less than a minute to make your photos crisp and clear using photoshop! Here is the complete tutorial in 3 easy steps. + A free photoshop cheatsheet too >>
How To Create Clear and Sharp Photos Using Photoshop

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is " How can I get more crisp and sharper photos"? And I can totally relate 'cuz when I started out, that was one of my main questions too. Imagine being able to create bright and crisp blog...

Did you know you can take high quality stock photos for your blog using your iPhone? Here's a beginner's guide to shooting amazing, high quality photos using your iPhone camera. Plus I have a FREE guide with the best apps and equipment for iPhone photography. Click here to download now
A Beginner’s Guide to iPhone Photography [ + FREE App Guide]

Photography has been the biggest catalyst in growing my business. I‘ve always put a lot of time and effort in creating effective visuals for my content which has been super helpful in taking my business to the next level. I used to click photos with my DSLR to get sharp and...

In order to style the text on your website, you will need to write CSS code for each text property. These properties can be anything from size, color, text-case, thickness of the text etc. Let's explore each of the CSS properties that we need to style text. Click to learn more >>
How To Style Text Using CSS For Your Blog

I love coding websites and I love teaching how to do it. If you are wondering what CSS is, you can read all about the basics of CSS here. CSS stands for Cascading style sheets and if you are into web development, you need to know...

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