How To Grow Your Audience On Bloglovin’

Feb 08 2016
 When I started blogging, one of the first ways people started finding my blog was via Bloglovin’. In fact, until a few months ago my top traffic referral was Bloglovin’( (recently Pinterest has become my hero!). If you are a new blogger or if you are yet to see results from bloglovin’, here are my tips to get you going on the platform!
When I started blogging, one of the first ways people started finding my blog was via Bloglovin’. In fact, until a few months ago my top traffic referral was Bloglovin’ and it still continues to be a close second. (I’ll tell you about my top referral soon ;))  If you are a new blogger or if you are yet to see results from Bloglovin’, here are my tips to get you going on the platform!

Why Bloglovin?

First, lets talk – “Why Bloglovin?”

– Exponential Growth for almost zero effort:

For Twitter, you need to spend time scheduling tweets ; For Pinterest, you need to spend time pinning consistently; but for Bloglovin’? Nothing, you don’t have to do anything, literally! Bloglovin’ is a content sharing platform that allows users to organize, keep up and find new blogs all under one roof. Once you sign up for Bloglovin’, it will automatically pull your latest posts into your profile and all your followers will be updated as soon as a new post goes live on your blog. This way – they’ll never miss a post of yours. What’s your effort in this you ask? All you have to do is just keep blogging, Bloglovin’ will take care of the rest and market your content for free.

– Free marketing to your target audience: 

Bloglovin’ is free to use and can really help you connect with your ideal audience. Let us see how! When you sign up, Bloglovin’ lets you can choose a category for your blog. For e.g., the category I chose for my blog is Design. Now lets say a user on Bloglovin’ wants to explore design related posts. Because Bloglovin’ organizes all posts by category, the user will definitely come to the design category to browse posts, and its highly likely that they will land on my blog through one of my recent posts. See how a person who is interested in design found my blog via Bloglovin? Without any effort from your side, you can easily attract readers who are interested in your content and what you do! Also Bloglovin’ recommends related blogs to people all the time, so there’s a huge chance that people who are in the same niche and industry as you will find your blog. In fact one of my recent and favorite clients found me on Bloglovin’. A total win, according to me!

How to grow your audience on Bloglovin’?

1. Write quality content

As on every platform, content is the king when it comes to Bloglovin’ too. The more useful, in-depth, quality content you provide, the quicker your audience will grow. I’ll tell you why and how. When I started, my blog posts, although interesting to read, weren’t really helpful. So there was no need for my audience to “save” my posts to come back to later. So I would get a maximum of 2-3 saves per post. Honestly I didn’t care much. Then one day I wrote this post – 7 Must Have Tools for Better Blogging and suddenly this post got 150+ saves and was featured in the popular page of Bloglovin’. Wow! I was stumped. Since then I have consistently seen that posts  filled with value get a lot more attention on Bloglovin’ than the ones that are not. So, write posts that are helpful for your audience and pack immense value in them. It definitely works, not just for Bloglovin’ but everywhere.

2. Create Attractive Hero graphics

When you publish a post, Bloglovin’ features it on your followers’ feeds, the explore page and your own feed by pulling the first graphic from your post along with a small snippet. The more attractive your ‘hero’ graphic is, the more people are likely to click through and come to your website to read your post. Here are 3 ways you can make your hero graphic attractive on Bloglovin’ :

When I started blogging, one of the first ways people started finding my blog was via Bloglovin’. In fact, until a few months ago my top traffic referral was Bloglovin’( (recently Pinterest has become my hero!). If you are a new blogger or if you are yet to see results from bloglovin’, here are my tips to get you going on the platform!

Use attractive visuals: Whether you use photos or graphics for your blog post images, make them high quality and attractive. Use contrasting colors, a lot of white space and keep your images clean.
Add text:  Embedding the title of your post in your blog post graphic is also a great way to tell people what your post is about just by looking at the image.
Use vertical images: Just like Pinterest, I think using vertical images helps in case of Bloglovin’ too. Bloglovin’ uses a masonry grid format to display posts on profile pages and explore pages, using vertical images will help you to stand out and catch the interest of the reader who is browsing through. So make sure to size your images in a proportion of 2:3, so that they appear catchy on Bloglovin.

3. Put your profile in the right category

It is super important to assign the right category for your blog in your  profile because Bloglovin’ suggests related blogs to new users based on the category. For example, lets say you write a food blog but have put yourself in the design category. When a new user who is interested in food blogs comes up, bloglovin will not suggest your blog to them as you are not in the food category. This way, you may miss out on getting connected to your target audience. So make sure to assign the right category for your blog. You can do this by going to Bloglovin’ > Profile > category and choosing the one that applies best to your blog.

4. Add a Bloglovin’ button on your website

To encourage your readers to keep up with your blog on Bloglovin’, add the Follow on Bloglovin’ button on your blog. I have the button on my sidebar but I’ve seen many blogs put it at the end of each post too. This way you can retain readers who find your blog through other platforms like twitter or Instagram and turn them into loyal audiences by showing up on their Bloglovin feed consistently.

5. Connect and cross promote on social media

Bloglovin’ lets you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your profile. Each time you publish a post, Bloglovin’ automatically publishes it to your Twitter and Facebook feeds as well. This way people who are following you on those platforms can also keep up with your blog posts regularly. Its also a good idea to share your Bloglovin’ profile on your other social media accounts to encourage your readers to keep up with you there too.
So far, these are the best ways that have helped me grow my audience on Bloglovin’. If you are a blogger who is looking to increase the reach of your content, don’t forget to harness the power of Bloglovin’ to grow your blog, its worth every bit.

What are your tips to grow your Bloglovin’ audience?

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  • Zoe Newlove

    Since spending more time thinking about more informative posts I have definitely seen an increase in saves and followers! Really helpful post !

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

    • Hey Zoe 🙂 Thanks so much! Yes me too – i ve seen an overall increase in engagement and interest in the posts!

  • Great post – I’ve never thought about creating a specific ‘Hero’ graphic, but great tip 🙂
    x tink jayne x

    • Hey Tink 🙂 Yup I ve found the graphics to make a huge difference in attracting new visitors to the blog!

  • I wasn’t sure what bloglovin’ was, but I just signed up! This is such a great way to follow more great blogs (as well as grow my own; win-win)! Thanks for this helpful post 🙂

    • Hey Tishana ! Yeah absolutely 🙂 I love using it as a blog reader too – its awesome!

  • Amanda Shuman

    Thank you so much for this post. I didn’t realize I had my blog in the wrong category. I’m hoping to build my audience with bloglovin’.
    – Amanda Shuman |

    • Hey Amanda 🙂 Yes its a great platform to build your audience! Also I ve wanted to write this post for so long, thanks to you I finally did! 🙂

  • Great tips, Chaitra! I’m not utilizing the social network connections with Bloglovin’ and I definitely need to. I am pretty bad with pushing out my new blog posts overall and any small thing I can do to improve would be good! I have a feeling I know what your top referral site is 😉

    • Thanks Jenn! Yes I am sure you got thta right – my top referral 😀 Oh yes, Bloglovin is definitely a great way to gain more targeted audience 🙂

  • Bloglovin is great! It truly is a set it and forget it platform. And I actually found your blog via Bloglovin 🙂

    • Hey Allyssa! Wow – that’s good to know. Some of my best blogging friends found me on Bloglovin’ , so I love the platform. And its just an easy way of keeping up with my fav blogs too! 🙂 Thank you for reading!

  • Nicole Dennis

    Bloglovin was how I found you! and I am so happy about that. 🙂

    • Yayyy Nicole 🙂 Thanks for sharing that with me 🙂 So good to have you! xx

  • Every time I read on of your ‘how to grow your audience’ posts I just feel so lazy. I really don’t do anything special and I kinda just let it all happen organically.

  • Great tips! I absolutely love bloglovin and like so many of the others I think it was how I found you too. One of my goals for 2016 is to grow my own (Just hit 50!)

    • Aww 🙂 Thanks so much Sophie! Ah congrats on the first 50, many more and more to come! Keep going <3

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  • lynn scarlet clark

    Hi thanks for this article – very informative and well written x Unfortunately for me I’ve already looked into improvements along these lines and I’m stuck at 0 followers. With Bloglovin’ there is an issue in that new posts don’t show (after the original few they force publish for you) if you have no followers at all. So it now looks like I’m not posting new content, even though I am, and this lack of the new is probably discouraging followers in a vicious circle. I’d say perhaps it’s because I’m deluding myself and my content is terrible, but I’ve had many gorgeous comments on my actual blog about my writing and recipes (obv a food blog). So I’m a bit stumped! If you have any further ideas how I can get over this 0 follower problem I’d be so grateful! My Bloglovin profile is at

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