Apr 19 2015
Want to grow your blog? Use social media. Here are my tips to incresae your blog's growth and enagagement using social media like twitter, bloglovin, instagram etc.
Okay, so you have created a blog which is well designed, has great photography and you are writing stellar content as well. Now you’d like to gain an audience and create a community around your blog. But how? Social media can be an extremely helpful tool for growing your blog audience and here are a few tips and experiences from my blogging journey:

Growing your audience with Social media

Make your blog social-media friendly: If you want to encourage your readers to connect with you on social media, the first step would be to make your blog social media friendly. If someone lands on your blog and likes what they see, they are likely to be interested in following you on other social media platforms as well. It is a 2-way street , use your blog to drive traffic to your social media and vice-versa. I wrote an entire post on how to make your blog social media friendly here . Also I have a FREE guide on how to make your blog social media friendly – Click below to download it right now!


Share and promote peer content: Social media is not only about promoting your content, but also about building and nurturing the community you are in. If you think the post you just read on your peer’s blog is cool, and is something that your followers would love, share it. Social media is as much (or more) about giving as receiving.
Interact with influencers and peers in your niche: I know it can be intimidating at first when you sign up for a social media platform, the big question is where do you start? Find people in your niche who inspire you and connect with them on social media. If they post something that interests you, strike a conversation with a genuine response. Once you begin to make an effort to interact with others, you will see an increase in the people who are interested in engaging with you and your content.
Be consistent: As with anything else, being consistent is important for social media. Be present and interact with your social media friends on a regular basis. I know, it can be draining and distracting to be there all the time, and this is why I love Buffer. It is a super useful app that helps you schedule your social media posts. So just get scheduling and voila! even when you are asleep, buffer will make sure you are active on social media!

How social media platforms have helped my blog

Bloglovin’: I am not sure if bloglovin’ counts as a social media platform, but it is has hugely helped me gain an audience so far. I remember signing up for Bloglovin’ after a couple of months I started blogging, and since then it has been the biggest traffic driver to my blog. Bloglovin’ helps you  find and follow blogs that you like, and likewise it helps people discover and follow along with your blog as well.
Twitter was probably the first platform I signed up for when I started my blog. During my initial months of blogging, twitter was a great help in finding other bloggers in my niche. I have made some wonderful friends through twitter who I would otherwise not have found. Now I continue to use twitter to connect with like-minded bloggers and creatives and also to promote my content and Etsy design shop. I have to mention here, joining twitter chats has been extremely helpful in growing my audience. So whenever you can, join a few twitter chats in your niche, they are a lot of fun.
Pinterest is not just a social media platform anymore, but also a search engine. So if you want to reach a bigger and more varied audience, Pinterest is a great platform to consider. Sometime in November, this blog post of mine got pinned by a reader and I suddenly noticed a huge increase in traffic from Pinterest. However, while I know there is a lot of potential here, I am yet to explore and use it fully for my own blog.
Instagram: I’ve been posting photos on Instagram for a while now, and I ‘ve noticed consistency is key when it comes to Instagram. In addition to posting great quality photos, using hashtags helps reach a bigger audience. Sharing my blog design templates on Instagram, has helped me gain a couple of design clients which is amazing. Again, Instagram is a platform I am trying to be more active on, and I’ll be sure to share my experience with you soon.

There are probably a 100 social media platforms out there that you could use to grow your blog, but choosing and concentrating on  2 – 4 platforms is probably more effective in the long run. Managing social media can be really time consuming, but using it strategically can go a long way in helping you blog.

What are your favorite social media platforms?

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  • I definitely love Twitter that's my favourite! I still find Pinterest quite tricky to use as I was pinning frequently from my posts but nobody seemed to be re-pinning. Maybe I'll figure it out one day! xx

  • I am really really bad with social media! I can never have enough "interesting" things to share or talk about on twitter after the blog has soaked up all the "wit" I can manage ha! This was a great series Chaitra (and Holly!) and I'd love to see more such colabs between you guys! <3

  • I find Pinterest tricky when it comes to promoting my blog, but I love Twitter and Bloglovin x

  • I am still figuring out Bloglovin. I should give a serious thought to Pinterest. Please visit me at Have a lovely day, Iga x

  • loved this!

    i'm still figuring out how to adapt my twitter and instagram for my blogging niche!

    Georgia | Georgia Nicolaou Blog

  • theadventuresoftoyz

    Still trying to find my feet in the blogging world.

    Thanks for the tips.

  • I absolutely love pintrest and I've been using it to find good blogs for a year or so, way before I started blogging!
    I'd count bloglovin as media 🙂 I've just started out there too!

  • Great post Chaitra! Couldn't agree more with how helpful social media is in growing your blog! I just love connecting with my readers on a more personal level on Twitter. I couldn't really get into Pinterest, but it certainly is a huge one that I wish I was more involved in!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • Liz

    I love using Pinterest and Instagram to connect with readers, great post!

    xo, Liz

  • I'm so terrible at the social media bit of blogging, haha! I love Bloglovin', because it makes content so accessible to wider audiences. It's great not only as a blogger but as a reader, to keep all the blogs you love in one place. I always suggest it to bloggers without a Bloglovin' account. Great post, Chaitra! <3

    Sofia |

  • Charli Culture

    Great post, thank you both! Super informative and easy to read. I am newbie blogger and my favorite is Instagram. My favorite because I love photos, but I am definitely going to try out these tips to help my blog grow : )

  • Hi Jordan. I had the same problem with pinterest too, it just seems so tricky. But I am figuring it out bit by bit, and I ll share whatever I learn on the blog soon! xx

  • Hi divya 🙂 Thanks so much, this was a really fun series to do with Holly 🙂 I really hope we do more in the future as well! And I can't wait to see you soon! xx

  • 🙂 Me too, just trying to figure out things on pinterest! I love bloglovin too, its amazing 🙂 xx

  • Hi Iga! Bloglovin is really easy , so definitely start using it more 🙂 xx

  • Thanks so much georgia 🙂 Me too, I am okay with twitter , but pinterest is definitely something I am working towards! xx

  • So welcome toyz 🙂 Just enjoy your blogging journey! xx

  • Hi sheri 🙂 Thanks so much! Twitter is amazing , i agree. Its so quick and instant, I love it xx

  • Hi rachel! So good to hear that you love pinterest. do you have any tips for using pinterest as a tool for your blog?

  • Thanks a lot liz. Do you have any pinterest tips for us? xx

  • Hi Sofia 🙂 So happy to see your comment. I agree, bloglovin has really helped my blog gain exposure in these past few months 🙂 Its a wonderful place to keep in track of all the blogs I love. Thank you so much. Hope you are doing great lovely! xx

  • Hello Charli. I am so happy to see your comment on the blog. I can't wait to see what is in store for your blog 🙂 Thnks so much! xx

  • I wish I did! I think as long as your links all work you're good to go and making sure your pictures are actually related to the posts.
    A pretty, well composed picture will always catch my attention 😉
    I could be wrong but I think pintrests search function works off your photos alt tags when people are searching on there,
    I can't say I've used it for my own blog yet though!

  • Lauren Adams

    I really liked your advice to interact with your audience. That is a very great way to promote your blog. Some of us just publish our post and expect our audience to engage with one another on their own. However, sometimes your have to help them get involved in the conversation.

  • eleni

    Hi Chaitra, I am so new to social media and I would like to start a blog.
    So inspiring post, thank you!

  • My favorite social media platforms are Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram! thank you for sharing this!!!