8 Must Have WordPress Plugins To Super Charge Your Site

Jan 06 2016

Have you got a new WordPress site? Here are 8 must have plugins to improve your site! Click here to read more and install them now!

A few months ago, I moved my site from Blogger to WordPress for one main reason. Blogger is super easy and simple to work with and has a ton of functionality. Howeverย what sets WordPress apart from its competition is the large powerhouse of plugins that the platform proudly supports.

At the time of publishing this article, there are about 41 727 plugins with over 1 billion downloads that extend the functionality of WordPress. For almost every feature or functionality you want on your WordPress site, there is a plugin ready to install and use. If you use a WordPress site, you know exactly what I am talking about. Here are the 8 most essential plugins that will supercharge your WordPress website:

1. Jetpack:

As copyblogger puts it, Jetpack is the mother of all WordPress plugins. Jetpack makes managing your WordPress site 10 times easier by providing the most basic yet powerful features like site stats, image performance, security, social sharing and comment system. If there is only one plugin you can install, this would be the one – plus it’s free!

Have you got a new WordPress site? Here are 8 must have plugins to improve your site! Click here to read more and install them now!

2. Akismet:

One of the most common peeves I hear from my clients about WordPress is spam. And my answer to this problem is always the same – Akismet. On high traffic sites, the number of spam comments could go up to as high as 85%. Comment moderation and filtering can take up hours of your time. Akismet is a free plugin that works in the background to filter incoming spam and protect your website by using artificial intelligence and it does an amazing job.

Have you got a new WordPress site? Here are 8 must have plugins to improve your site! Click here to read more and install them now!

3. Yoast SEO:

If you are looking for a one-stop SEO solution for your WordPress site, look no further than the Yoast SEO plugin. With over a million downloads, it is by far one of the best SEO plugins in the market and is extremely simple to use. Yoast SEO lets you add custom SEO title, meta description and a focus keyword for the post. It also provides a preview of the Google search result snippet which shows you exactly how your content will show up on Google when someone searches for it. Once you fill in the meta information for the post, Yoast will analyze the page and use a color indicator to let you know the status – green for GOOD, orange for OK and red for POOR which will help you to improve your meta information further. The icing on the cake? its FREE!

Have you got a new WordPress site? Here are 8 must have plugins to improve your site! Click here to read more and install them now!

4. W3 Total Cache:

As your site grows, page speed and user experience become increasingly important. You donโ€™t want to lose visitors due to slow and inconsistent page loading times. W3 Total cache plugin optimizes user experience for your site by increasing server performance, effectively caching your pages and decreasing download time.

Have you got a new WordPress site? Here are 8 must have plugins to improve your site! Click here to read more and install them now!

5. SumoMe:

One of the easiest ways to grow your website is through social media. The SumoMe plugin makes social sharing super easy and is one of the best ways to increase your content outreach. It is very simple to set up and enables social media sharing buttons for your content which can be clicked by visitors to share your content. List builder and heat maps are two other significant features of SumoMe which help with growing your traffic further by providing email forms and page analytics respectively.

6. WooCommerce:

If you want to set up a shop on your WordPress site, WooCommerce is the best plugin to help you do it. WooCommerce is robust, powerful and helps you sell anything you want from anywhere in the world. By using WooCommerce, you can own your data which gives you complete control over the growth and future of your business. It is one of the most popular, free WordPress plugins and has over 11 million downloads.


7. Co-schedule:

Having trouble with blogging consistently? Get the Co-schedule editorial calendar plugin. Co-schedule has a beautiful drag and drop interface that lets you plan and schedule your content calendar in advance. It also helps you implement an effective social media marketing strategy by letting you schedule your social media posts in a way that aligns with your content schedule. For e.g.. when you publish an article, you can set your social media posts relatively to go out accordingly – publishing time of the article, 3 hours later, a day later and so on. This helps to keep and manage your entire content marketing strategy under one roof and saves a ton of time.

These 9 tools have increased my productivity 10 fold. If you are an entrepreneur or blogger who wants to get more things done in less time - try these tools and you will be amazed!

8. VaultPress:

One of the worst nightmares for a site owner is a crash. You know whatโ€™s even worse? Not having a site backup! it is super important to take frequent backups of your site, so if you ever run into problems, you always have something to fall back on. VaultPress regulates automated backups for your WordPress site and enables 1 click restores. Once you install Vaultpress, you can forget about backing up your site as it will take care of everything for you!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 10.56.25 PM

If you are new to WordPress, I hope this post is useful in providing you with a good starting point for using plugins. WordPress has definitely changed the way I blog, for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you haveย a WordPress site, Iโ€™d love to hear about your must-have plugins? Please share it in the comments below!

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  • I am still relatively new to WordPress so this post is a game changer. Thank you.

    • Superb, I hope you find these useful Emma ๐Ÿ™‚

  • All wonderful plugins! I’m so glad I found SumoMe! It’s been great! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Gina ๐Ÿ™‚ I think SumoMe has definitely help increase the social shares of my blog posts! Its amazing! Happy new year ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love Simple Social Icons for the obvious purpose. Also, for people who do the ad thing, I love AdRotate for affiliate banners. It allows me to use a lot of different ads without spamming my sidebar with 3278 ad spaces. The metrics on it are also SUPER helpful for determining whether the ad space is actually worthwhile or not.

    One more thing, as a sort of PSA: beware of using the Photon feature in Jetpack. It can cause noticeable image quality loss. It took me a while to figure it out because in WP’s post preview, everything looked great, but as soon as I hit publish, everything got grainier and the colors were washed out. I finally figured out Photon was the culprit and it’s been off ever since.

    • Wow – Thanks for the tip Suzanne ๐Ÿ™‚ I ll go check on photon right away! ๐Ÿ™‚ That ad plugin seems useful!

  • I adore co-schedule. It has helped me immeasurably!!

    • Its amazing and helps me follow my schedule consistently ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading Emma!

  • Thanks for recommending VaultPress! I have always worried about my site crashing for some random reason. I have backed up my site before…but I had wondered how I would restore it after! This plugin looks easy to use and totally worth the cost!

    Lena Parker-Duncan – Graphic Designer and Photographer

    • Oh yes its worth it Lena, back up your site for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Your site looks amazing btw !

  • Thank you so much for this! Will definitely check SumoMe and Co-Schedule out (already wrote them down on a post-it)! They sound amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sofie xx

    • Aw SO welcome Sofie. I really hope this will be helpful to you! x

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  • Just started using Sumome and I really like it. Very user friendly. Thanks for sharing!
    – Amanda Shuman, http://www.carrylovedesigns.com/blog

    • Hey Amanda ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! SumoMe rocks! x

  • Ohh I will have to try sumo me. You post is great as always!

    • Thanks so much Hillary! Happy new year ๐Ÿ™‚

  • One of my essential free WordPress plugins is WP Smush. I use it to compress the file size of images in my blog posts all at once. That way, I don’t have to worry about image sizes slowing down my blog’s speed, which also helps with SEO rankings.

    • Wow what a coincidence, I just wrote about WP Smush in my post today about optimizing images ๐Ÿ™‚ Its an amazing plugin, isnt it? Thanks for reading Annalisa!

  • Adding a CDN helps to supercharge your website. I use MaxCDN and also recommended to many of my clients.

    • That is awesome, thank you for sharing Avinash!

  • Again, thanks a million for your tip to install Yoast SEO plugin! It now guides me not to omit anything important that impacts SEO, as well as it made me realized so much things I was missing!! I also got with Yoast SEO to rich pins on Pinterest which I absolutely love especially for my recipes!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am so happy, I find many of your posts very useful – thanks for that!!

    • Yay! So glad to hear that Michaela! Thank you x

  • Hi Chaitra, I’ve got all these and totally agree they are a must have list. One question, did you use a plug-in to get the bar at the top of your page ‘Get Free stock Photos for your Blog and business’? If so what is it?
    As always thanks so much for such excellent content! x
    Lisa Villaume | Career Growth. Office Fashion. Lifestyle.

    • Hi Lisa! I am just seeing this – so sorry! I am using the plugin called DW promobar for the top bar on my site. Hope this is helpful ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know!

  • Princess Mรญa โ™•

    Hi, I’ve notice you have the bloglovin button on you side bar, when i try to add it, it says it’s not supported by word press. How did you manage to add the button?

    In order to add this plugins i can’t have the free plan, right?

    Thank you so much, your posts help me a lot.


    • Hi Mia!

      Yes you need the paid wordpress,org to be able to add plugins.

      You can get the code for the bloglovin’ button from the bloglovin website. Send them an email and they’ll help you out ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks so much Mia! x

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