Latest In Portfolio: What Olivia Did

21 Nov 2015
Do you know there is a lot of scope for development on the blogger.com platform too? Here is an example with the web development for What Olivia Did by PinkPot Design STudio!

Since launching my design services last month, I 've had the opportunity of working on a series of what I 'd call, dream projects. Today, I am super excited to share one of the newest additions to my portfolio - What Olivia Did, a popular lifestyle...

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How To Create Flawless Photos In Photoshop

19 Nov 2015
Want bright clean photos for your blog? Here is a 2 minute tutorial on how to achieve clean flawless photos using photoshop!

Imagine this - You've just taken a whole batch of photos for your blog and when you transfer them to your computer, you see this little speck of dust that has made its way into every single photo. One of my biggest nightmares as a photographer...

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Creative Convex Photo Pack #2 : Colors

11 Nov 2015
Struggling to find photos that match your style and speak your voice? Download this awesome free photo pack with 20 high resolution photos that you can use for your blog and business!

Its been silent on the blog here this past week, but that's because I was working behind-the-scenes on creating another photo pack just for you. Woot! I am super excited to share the second Creative Convex Photo pack - Creative Colors with you. Creative Convex is a...

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