Hello! Here is the third part in the series Blogging building blocks (#bbb) by me and the lovely holly from Bloomin' Rouge. After talking about design and photography in the previous two posts, today we will be discussing about the crux of blogging - Content creation.

Brainstorming Content ideas:

Get inspired: Inspiration is all around us. By just being more aware of our surroundings, we can come up with content ideas. At times, if you find yourself in need of inspiration, Pinterest is a great place to go to. Also reading articles on other blogs and websites can set off ideas in your mind. Most times inspiration hits at the most unexpected times, so keep a notebook or a notes app on your phone at all times to jot down content ideas.

Indulge your audience: Finding out what your readers want to read about is a great way to come up with post ideas. Conduct a reader survey on your blog to find out what topics in your niche your readers are interested in. Take a look at posts that received great reader interaction to inspire your future posts. Listen to your readers; many times the comments on my blog posts give me ideas for new blog posts. Writing content that is audience driven will help you foster a nice community around your blog which is one of the biggest joys of blogging, isn't it?

Dig up your archives: Going through your old posts is a good way to spark off new content ideas. Looking into your google analytics to find out which posts were popular and were enjoyed the most will give you a good idea of what to write next. You can write an update to an old post, write a follow up or create a series that aligns with your old content.

Use a timer: One more quick way of coming up with new ideas is using a timer. For eg. I challenge myself to come up with 15 high quality post ideas in 5 minutes. The urgency factor forces my mind to think out of the box and come up with ideas for blog posts which I would otherwise not think of.

Writing content:

Find your USP: Unique Selling proposition is what makes your blog stand out. It is a value that you add that no one else does, to the content your audience is reading. It can be as simple as your ability to take amazing photographs or your ability to explain difficult concepts in easy terms. It can even be a combination of skills that no-one possesses that gives your content an edge over others'. Writing content that people want to read, but no one has written about is a great way to showcase your expertise.

Adding your personality is a great way of making your content interesting. Writing content as if you were talking to a friend or a close-confidant will help your readers connect more with your content. Share your stories, experiences, thoughts and opinions through your content and never be afraid to be use your voice on your blog, because that's what makes it unique.

Be Authentic: It may be a good idea to do research about your topic and scourge the internet to come up with content. But, what will set you apart is when the content comes from your own experiences and struggles. People come to our blogs to read about our opinions and thoughts, so let's give them that.

Provide value: If you want sustainable audience, writing content that is useful for your readers is important. Providing value to your readers will make them come back for more. Solve a problem, address topics that are helpful for your readers, share lessons and experiences that have helped you on the way.

Break the rules: Most importantly, my biggest tip would be to stay true to yourself. All these points I wrote above are pointers, but creating blog content can be very personal depending on the purpose of your blog. So break the rules, write what you feel, have fun - its your blog.

Head over to Holly's awesome blog to read about her tips on Creating well-written blog content. Click here to read her post, man she surely puts out some of the best content out there!Next week is the last post in the series, so if you have any questions or topics that you'd like us to talk about tweet us with the hashtag #bbb or leave us a comment :)

What are your biggest content creation tips?