Want to spruce up your blog photos with a little bit of editing? Here is a list of 13 BEST EDITING TOOLS (Paid + FREE) for editing your blog photos!

One of my favorite things to do every night just before sleep, is settle down with photoshop and a cup of cranberry tea. Heaven. I have tried many editing tools and here is a round up of the best ones for you!

Paid : Adobe rules this section. Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop elements are great editing softwares which can be used to perform basic to very advanced edits on photos. You can try them all free for 30 days and if you are interested, they have a monthly paid subscription.

  • Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool and has unlimited capabilities for editing photos. It is best for editing one photo at a time.
  • Lightroom cannot do some of the complex editing Photoshop is capable of. But Lightroom is the tool for you if you want to edit hundreds of photos together as it helps to organize, edit and manage a bulk of photos in an effective way.
  • Photoshop elements is a toned down, combined version of Photoshop and Lightroom, best for people just starting out. It has a user- friendly interface and is much easier to use.

To edit photos for blogs, any of the above softwares work well. If you are lucky to have access to any of these, go ahead. Otherwise..

Free : I get free access to Photoshop through my university, but if not I would just be as happy with the free editing tools that are available, because trust me, they can do everything you need.

  • GIMP and Paint.NET : Perfect alternatives to Photoshop, with all the advanced features wrapped in. Their ease of installation is a plus!
  • Picasa is a relatively simple editing tool by Google, extremely easy to use and organize photos, thereby making it perfect for beginners.

Online : If you want to avoid the hassle of downloading and installing softwares, there are some amazing free online editing tools which allow you to upload your images, edit and download them.

  • Pixlr is the perfect online alternative to Photoshop, and has a similar interface with all the advanced editing options too.
  • Photoshop Online tools: What better than Adobe providing an online alternative to Photoshop, that too for free? This has all the editing features that you will ever need along with some fun effects too.
  • Picmonkey and Fotor are the best online tools for beginners. They are so simple and easy to learn that you can be a pro in very little time.

Mobile devices : There are a ton of fantastic apps for mobile devices like phones and tablets for editing on the go. With beautiful and easy to use interfaces, these apps make editing an enjoyable experience that you can lose yourself in.

  • VSCO has basic editing options along with lovely filters that you can use to beautify your photos.
  • Afterlight is great for editing photos and has a lot more filters than VSCO to experiment with.
  • Pixlr Express is a mobile version of the Pixlr online tool and is perfect for creating collages on mobile devices.

Uh, that's a whole lot of tools and you might just need one or two, but who ever said no to a lot of options. Enjoy!

What are your go-to photo editors? Have a warm cosy Sunday! :)

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