4 Simple Ways To Write Interesting Content For Your Blog

Whether you write for leisure, for passion or for your business - its always exhilarating and exciting when you get a new follower, or you receive a new comment on your post. And I am sure most of you feel the same way. But to keep that growth and engagement going, its important to write content which is, for the lack of a better word, awesome! Here are a four tips that helped me, and are still helping me, shape my blog: 

Plan:Though writing interesting content does not directly correlate to planning, posts that blend seamlessly with one another make your blog look more attractive to the reader. This is where planning becomes important. Write content which is cohesive and maintain a consistent theme around them. Writing about two completely dissimilar topics in quick successions might throw your audience off, so it is always good to focus on a single theme at a time. You can always write about different topics within a single theme - like the blogging building block series I ran with holly last month. 

Curate relevant and valuable content: As a blog designer and developer, I am always looking out to improve myself. Whenever I find a blog that adds a lot to my skill set, I keep it in mind and revisit it often. And thats the truth - readers follow a blog when they find the content interesting, useful and beneficial to them. So try to share your knowledge and your personal experiences on your blog; don't be afraid to share your secrets - it only makes your blog more inviting. 

Be Personal: Human mind, by nature, is social. We like to hang out, chat, gossip and what not! So naturally, when you write a post with a personal story, it is perceived as a letter to a close friend. Not just that, your readers get to know the 'real you' and it leads to an increased engagement on the blog. I am slowly integrating this into my content - it adds a bit more character to the content and also makes it much more interesting to read.

Tell a story: Another fact about the human mind is that it is fast, agile and always buzzing. Which also means it is distracted easily. Ever wondered why we prefer to watch movies and read novels over reading a technical lecture? Because its not that appealing! But when you structure the post like a story - where the protagonist faces a challenge, crosses one hurdle after another, and discovers a solution to the challenge, voila! you have got yourself a blog post that one has to finish once they start.

Though a good design and beautiful photography may help attract readers to the blog at first, I've observed that it is the content which keeps them coming back again and again.

I had an absolutely wonderful Saturday meeting family and friends, Sunday is going to be a quiet, stay-at-home kinda day. What about you, how was your weekend? :)

What are your top tips for keeping blog content fresh and Interesting?