Are you struggling to manage time to take photos for your blog? Here are 5 easy time saving tips for your blog photography!

Tim Ferris, author of the Four-hour work week says "Focus on being productive, instead of being busy". For those of us who blog, striking a balance between work, blogging and social life is a big challenge that even a minute saved is a blessing. Photography consumes a big chunk of blogging time, so here are a few time saving tips to help you.

1. Plan with the weather: Most of us live in places with limited hours of sunshine, so it is very important to make the best use of natural light. The ideal condition of us being free and the weather being sunny is a rarity. Check the weather forecast and schedule your photography session accordingly. Charge your camera batteries and clean up your SD card the previous day of your photo session so you have everything ready when its time to take the photos.

2. Tether camera to laptop: Good news! You don't have to shoot in bulk anymore. This time saving trick is new for me, but oh boy! it has changed my life. Its hard to accurately assess the quality of the photo on the small LCD screen of the camera, which is why we often shoot in bulk. By tethering the camera to the laptop, I can check my photos on the big screen right away without having to wait until editing. This helps me instantly adjust the composition, lighting, etc., thereby saving me a lot of time. Here is a guide to tether your camera to the laptop.

3. Mobile photography set-up: Create a photography set-up that you can easily move around. While shooting, you might want to try a few different positions to decide which one is the best for lighting. For eg., I decide whether I want to shoot near the window in my living room or outside in the patio depending on the amount of light I need. If I decide to move, I can easily shift from one place to another with a mobile set-up as opposed to a fixed set-up. A light-weight ikea coffee table or this DIY table top are ideal for a movable photography setup.

4. Store accessories & props in one place: I have all the props I use for my photos in a single box so I find everything easily when I am setting up the scene for photography. The tripod, remote and props like flowers, potpourri etc. are all within an arm's reach when I shoot. This saves me a lot of time compared to when I have to fetch each thing from a different place in the house.5. Shoot for multiple blog posts: While you are at it, take as many photos as you can. Depending on my editorial calendar, I decide in advance the photos I need for each post. I then shoot photos for multiple posts at once so I have a ready repository and don't have to worry about running out of photos for a while. This saves the set-up time when compared to shooting separately for each post.

These are small things, but go a long way in saving time. Hope you find them useful!What are your time-saving blogging tips?

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