Social media is here and it is not going away anytime soon. Simply put, your blog is your brand and social media is an effective tool to build meaningful relationships and market your content and/or services. Although you need to put in quite an effort in order to build a good social media network and increase your content outreach, it is a powerful technique and the results are there to see. However, here are a few ways to save you some time and effort by making your blog / website social media friendly. Make sure to download the free guide at the end of the post which will walk you through the entire implementation with code! (For Blogger, Wordpress & Squarespace)


1. Share buttons for posts: Often when I read a good post, I want to share it on my social media and having the option of just clicking a button at the bottom of the post makes it so easy. This will definitely increase the shares on your post because you are giving the reader an easy way / prompt to share your post. Imagine if he/she would have to compose the tweet and share it, they would rather not.

2. Pin it button for images: Pinterest is a rampantly growing content marketing platform and you definitely don't want to miss a chance to make use of it. If you are anyway creating great visuals for your content, then why not harness it to attract potential audience from Pinterest? Make your images pin-able i.e. add a hover over pin-it button to your images. This will encourage your readers to share your images on their Pinterest if they like it and voila! free marketing for you with zero effort.

3. Click to tweet: This one is new to me, but I am quite impressed with this tool. Click to tweet is a code generating tool for any tweet that you can embed in your website. It is a subtle and effective way to encourage your readers to share a valuable piece of information through a tweet. Embedding click to tweet in the midst of a post is a great way to share important takeaways from the content! Here is an example!

Tweet: Want to grow your blog with social media? Here is a free guide to make your blog social media friendly by @Pinkpot7 http://bit.ly/16FEpnO

If you find this useful, tweet about the power of social media to your friends!

4. Social media widgets: Every social media platform comes with a widget that you can easily install for free on your website. Adding these widgets to your sidebar is great way of showing your readers what they can expect if they join you on your social media platforms. You can add a Pinterest board widget displaying the pins from your favorite category or an Instagram widget showcasing your latest images. If they like what they see, they would definitely hop on to join you!

5. Social media profiles: This one is pretty obvious, adding social media buttons to your blog. If someone likes your blog, they are likely to be interested in following along with you on other social media platforms as well. So why not make it easy for them to find your links by putting them in a place that is easy to find? Sidebar, header and bottom of each post are all good places to link your social media profiles.

All these are just one-time things that will save you a lot of time and are effective in building your social media community! So don't wait, do it today! :) To implement this, I created a free guide which includes the procedure along with the code for all platforms - Blogger, Wordpress and Squarespace. Hope you find it useful!You can get the guide by subscribing to my mailing list through the form below. I promise No Spam, ever! DOWNLOAD THE FREE GUIDE

What are your favorite ways to keep up with social media?