A Beginner's Guide To HTML & CSS

Want to learn the basics of HTML & CSS? Here is an in deoth introduction and a tutorial to create your own web page as well!

One of the most common questions I am asked is about how I learnt web design and development. I went to grad school for computer science where I learnt how to code. The coding skills that I learnt then has been instrumental in starting my online design business. But in today's internet world, school is not the only place that can teach you how to code. There are a ton of amazing resources online that can you help you learn almost any skill that you wish to. When it comes to coding a website, HTML & CSS are two skills that are super important.A few weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to write a guest post for The Collaborative by Elle & Company. I have loved reading the Elle & Company' s blog this year, it is an incredible resource for bloggers & creative entrepreneurs. Obviously, when Lauren asked me to contribute for the website - I jumped at the opportunity! I shared an introduction to HTML & CSS for people who are looking to get started in web development. Head over here to read the full article!

Click here to read : A Beginner's Guide To Web Design : Understanding HTML & CSS

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