The Complete Guide To Photography Equipment For Bloggers


Recently I've received a handful of emails from bloggers asking me about the photography tools I use, love and recommend. Although I have spoken about this on my blog before, its been a long time since and a few things have changed now. So here is an updated and complete list of all the photography equipment I use to shoot, edit and process photos for my blog and business.

If you are looking to invest in the right equipment for taking photos for your blog, here's a round up of everything you would need. Hope you find it useful!

Cameras + Lenses:

Canon 600D (Basic):

If you are just starting out and looking to invest in a DSLR, I’d totally recommend the Canon T3i / T4i. I started with the Canon t3i and for $500, it is worth every bit. It is an entry level DSLR, but the capabilities it offers are limitless. You can take extremely crisp and sharp photos with it and personally for me this camera was a huge game changer in terms of improving the quality of my blog photos.

Canon 6D (Advanced):

When I started Creative Convex a couple of months ago, I upgraded my Canon T3i to an advanced full-frame DSLR - Canon 6D. If you are already into photography and looking for something advanced and are ready to make an investment, this is one hell of an amazing camera. Not only does it take incredible, larger than life shots but also has great video recording capabilities.

iPhone camera:

Who ever said you can’t take great photos on your phone? There have been times when my iPhone has clicked photos that are comparable to my DSLR photos. I am not saying every phone camera is awesome, but the iPhone camera is truly amazing. In fact did you know that the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world? If you aren’t ready to invest in a camera yet, iPhone is your best friend. Here's a photo that I clicked with my iPhone a few months ago during a trip. I think I would have taken a very similar photo with my DSLR too, you really can't tell the difference!

iphone photography tips

Canon f 1.8 50mm lens:

Look no further, just buy this lens. I have done the research and I can tell you its hands down the best lens you can ever find for under $100 (What?) ! If you can, skip the kit lens that comes with your DSLR, just buy the camera body and this lens. This is the only one I own and I can’t live without it. The blurred background effect that it produces (like in the photo below) is dreamy and brings the subject in the foreground to life like nothing else.

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Programs and Accessories:

As you get more into photography, you might find the need to add in a few accessories to your toolkit that will make your job way easier. These aren't a must per say but can really make a difference to your photography workflow!

Amazon Basics Camera remote:

When I was beauty blogging, I found it incredibly useful to use my remote for clicking my own photos. With a remote, not only can you be your own photographer, but you can also avoid the slight shake/blur that can be caused by your hand while clicking a photo. Get the amazon basics camera remote, its like $8!

Amazon basics Tripod :

There will be times when you need to mount the camera on a tripod in order to click photos from certain angles and frames. Honestly, I use my tripod very rarely, you don’t necessarily need one if you are just shooting indoors. But if you are into lifestyle, travel photography a tripod can be very very handy. And its not a huge investment, so you can always keep one at home in case you need it. The Amazon basics tripod is extremely affordable at $25 and can be easily folded away into a compact stick!

Diffusor + Reflector set :

After using this diffusor set for an year now, I can safely recommend it as a need for anyone who wants to take their own photos at home. If you want to avoid harsh shadows on sunny days and dull, dark photos on rainy days - this will probably your best friend. For $20, this can really up your photography game.

San Disk SD Card:

When shooting on a DSLR, the sizes of photos can be really large. You don’t want to keep running into the memory full error, that’s just annoying and a waste of time. I find it really handy to use large size memory cards (16 / 32 GB) while shooting photos.

Adobe Photoshop:

I started using Photoshop an year ago and I haven’t looked back since. If you know the right techniques, it can help you take your photos from Ah to Aha! ;) You can join the Adobe CC subscription to use Photoshop for just 9.99 / month which is think is super affordable.

Struggling to find photos that match your style and speak your voice? Download this awesome free photo pack with 20 high resolution photos that you can use for your blog and business!

Photoshop Actions:

I have some FREE photoshop actions that you can use to change the They are absolutely easy to install and use. You can download them by clicking right here!


Backgrounds + Props:

If you want to spruce up your photos with some amazing backgrounds + props, I have all that you need right here.8 Prop ideas for Blog Photography under $205 Backdrop Ideas for Blog Photography under $30* Some of these contain affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase by clicking the link, I will receive a small part of it as a commission! But be assured, I will never ever recommend anything that I don't use and love :) I want the best for you, always!

What are your favorite photography tools? How do you take photos for your blog?