Blog + Business Catch Up : Oct 2015

A chit chat about business, blogging and journey of a freelancer. I share with you the lessons I ve learnt, my experiences so far and take you behind the scenes of Pinkpot!

Hey friends, how are you? Sometimes, things here on my blog get very "informational" with back-to-back posts on blogging, photography etc. I really miss sharing the behind the scenes of my business, my goals and my personal life. I sure do add bits of my life into each post as much as possible, but its different when I pull the curtains and show you exactly what's happening around here! So today, I am going to just sit down and have a heart-to-heart chat with you all about life, blogging and my business. This might get long, so grab a cup of coffee or tea or how about some peppermint hot chocolate? And let's just chat!

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If you are following along with me for sometime now, you would know that I quit my job in August to pursue web design and development full time. Its been around 2 months since then and I couldn't be happier. I get to do what I love and I wake up each morning looking forward to doing the work for the day.I've definitely been taking things slow as I don't want the pressures of running a business to ruin the fun that comes with it. At this time, I want to concentrate on learning the fundamentals of running a business and polishing my workflows. Knowing that I am the kind of person who can get work-stressed easily, I took time off in August to spend some time with my family and not get sucked into the stress of starting a full time business. And you know what? That really helped me. Sure, I did get a little worried at times thinking about how slow and laid back I was; I was taking vacations in Niagara falls and Vegas when I was supposed to be working hard on setting up my new business. But since I had decided to take things slowly, the transition seemed a lot more smoother and easier. So that was a good decision - for once! ;)Somewhere around mid September I got back into the groove, and started focussing on creating workflows and systems for my business and slowly after a month, things are settling down a bit. Its hard to accept but the truth is I don't have everything figured out just yet, but I'll still prod along and do the best I can. Right now, I kinda have a super indisciplined work-life routine - but I am working on it. I try my best to take time off from my business on weekends, but that's a little hard to do. No matter where I go and what I do, a part of me is always with the business. I am not sure if this is good or bad, but I do know that I don't want to be thinking about my business ALL the time.On a personal note, I had my grandma come and stay with us during this summer. Growing up, I was pretty close to her and it had always been a dream to spend some quality time with her. In the past three months, I relived my childhood, laughed and cried over memories and of course, created new happy memories. My grandma is 74 years old and boy! she is energetic! She is super fit and has such a spirit for life, it inspires me! Also, since she was here I've been practicing yoga and dance aerobics at least 3-4 times a week which keeps me happy and energized. I've observed that on the days I do exercise, I am a lot more cheerful and light hearted. The effect is literally so magical, its hard to believe. Anyone else feels this way? For those of you who don't know, I live with my husband - Ankur - in Seattle. The credit for a lot of things I do here goes to him as he is always there to support and cheer me up at the end of the day. He is definitely one of my biggest strengths that keeps me going on hard days!Make sure to catch up with me on Instagram, I post some exciting stuff on there: @pinkpotxo


Services: I finally, formally launched my design services. I had been meaning to do it forever but I guess this was the perfect time as I also relaunched my website. So far, I had my Etsy shop and was working with clients on custom blogger and Wordpress projects as well, but I hadn't quite figured out my services yet. Now, I have a complete set of branding & design services that I offer to bloggers and creative entrepreneurs.

Etsy: My Etsy shop recently hit 200 sales which I am super happy about. Woot! But I do know that the shop has a lot more potential to grow if I work a little harder. I say harder because I've been meaning to add Wordpress templates on Etsy forever. I am working on it right now and aim to have a couple of templates by the beginning of next month.

Creative Convex: Photography has been a huge passion of mine ever since I started blogging around a couple of years ago. I just launched a new stock photography service - Creative Convex for bloggers and creatives. For all those of you who want to use attractive photography for your blog or business without having to do much work, you can get your FREE photo pack right here. You can also read the full story of how I started photography and Creative Convex here. I didn't expect such an amazing response for the photo pack when I launched it 2 weeks ago, but I am deeply touched and happy with all the comments and encouraging feedback I've received for it so far. Thank you so much for sharing - you are awesome!


Brand + Website Design: Again, I had been planning a rebrand for months now (looks like I 've been just planning for the last 7 months!) and I finally started work on it during the 2nd week of September. I moved my website over to Wordpress and I friggin' love it! Blogger was great for the last couple of years, but there were a lot of features and app integrations I needed for my business that weren't available for blogger. Wordpress development took time but it is so worth it and I am completely happy with the switch!

Blog Posts: My blogging frequency dropped by half in August and September. I posted once a week and for someone who had been posting 3-4 times/ week, this was a huge change. However, with each of my recent blog posts I 've been going into more details and depth in the topic which is good as I get to share a lot more information. I am trying to increase my post frequency, but well its a work in progress!

Skill Set: One thing that I strive the most for is to expand my skill set as much as I can. I love learning new things and working on new projects. Learning is what keeps me going and excited about my work. Sometimes, its so easy to get buried in work that you don't find time to spend on passion projects. So each morning, before starting work, I spend 30 minutes on trying to learn something new. I often take creative classes on Skillshare, or Creative Bug. Here are the classes I've been taking this month :

Wohoo, There you go! This was nice, just sharing my life with you like an open book. This is exactly what's been happening over the past few months: many vacations, a lot of work, a little frustration and a lot of excitement :)

I'd love to hear what you've been upto lately? Tell me!