Have you caught yourself lusting after lovely, delicious food photographs on #Instagram? I have, and many times more than the food in the picture, I spend time admiring the way the photo has been taken. If you have seen any food photography shots, you will know what I mean. Otherwise, go now and check out some shots on Instagram.

One common thing in most of these beautiful shots, is the backdrop. The distressed wooden boards. And trust me, these wooden backgrounds are a thing in food photography. Though I am not into food photography yet, there was no reason I couldn't use them to better my beauty blog photography. So, off I went to gather the materials to create my own white wooden board. There are many step - by - step tutorials on the web for this, so I am not going to write one here. Instead, here are the links to some of the best ones I found and followed.



I personally like white boards so I went for a white background. But you can choose to make it in any color you like! Hope you found this useful, and if you are looking for a rusty, antiqued background for your blog photography, this is a wonderful option. Also it is a great project for your weekend! :)

Happy Sunday guys!