Introducing Creative Convex: Free Photo Packs For Creatives


Hello everyone! Its been a while, isn't it? See anything different around here? Wohoo, PinkPot has got a facelift. I've been working crazy hard on the rebrand and web design of PinkPot for the past few weeks and finally its here for you all to see. How do you like it? Take a browse and let me know how you like the new brand and website. Launching my brand has made me super excited, but what's more exciting is the..


Along with the new website, I'am also launching a free photo pack service that I ve specially created for you all. Woohoo! I can't even tell you how excited I am for this new venture.

What is Creative Convex?

It is a photography resource designed specifically for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs. I created this photo pack for creatives so they can enjoy doing what they do the best - Creating without having to worry about finding photography that works for their brand and their business. The first photo pack: Creative Workspaces is loaded with 20 high-resolution photos of creative workspaces that is free for you to use in your work. It consists of 10 landscape photos with their 10 respective portrait counterparts so you can use the photos in a variety of ways!

Here is a peek of the photos you can find inside:

Struggling to find photos that match your style and speak your voice? Download this awesome free photo pack with 20 high resolution photos that you can use for your blog and business!


Benefits of Creative Convex Photo Packs:

High-resolution + High quality images: All the images in the photo pack have a high resolution of 3000 - 5000 pixels which means they will look great on devices of any size and resolution. You don't have to worry about them looking blurry and pixelated on retina displays and large screens.Pinterest Optimized Images: I included 10 vertical photos in the photo pack to optimize their usage on Pinterest. Pinterest has been a game changer for my business in the past couple of months and I now understand the potential of Pinterest as a growth tool for any blog or business. Vertical or Portrait images do well on visually engaging platforms like Pinterest, Bloglovin' etc., so I created vertical versions that can be easily used for blog post graphics.Easily customizable: All the photos have ample negative space for you to embed your own text on them. Also since they are very large in size, you can crop them to whatever size and composition you want and still not lose the quality of the photos!

Why I created this Photo Pack and my Photography story:

When I started blogging around 1.5 years ago, I quickly noticed that photography was super important for getting your blog noticed. Unfortunately then, I did not know the ABC of photography - let alone taking good photos for my blog. I started off taking very average photos for my blog posts and being a newbie in the big world of blogging, it was pretty difficult to get my blog noticed. I decided I was going to get this photography thing down, because somehow I was convinced that would help me stand out among the sea of blogs. And, I was right!I started working on improving the quality of my photos step by step. I had a Sony Cybershot at the time which I used to shoot photos of my neighborhood and little pretty objects in my home. After a couple of months, I wanted to try using a better, high-level camera. DSLRs are expensive and I did not want to make the investment until I was sure I was going to make full use of it. The college of fine arts in my university offered students to borrow their camera equipment for free on a daily basis. However the equipment could be borrowed only for a day at a time and we had to return the camera the next morning by 10am to the department. You believe it or not, for 7 months (with an exception of probably a few days here and there) this was my routine: borrow the camera and the crazy heavy tripod each evening at 5pm after work, take it home, practice taking photos until dark, wake up early to practice again and return the camera by 10 am to the department. I am not saying this to brag and show off that I was hard working or anything like that, in fact that is hardly any hard work at all. All that I am trying to say is photography is not EASY, atleast it wasn't for me! It takes a lot of time, effort and practice to capture emotions and understand how the light works with the environment around us to produce those larger than life photos that we often see on the portfolios of great photographers and artists. There is so much to learn and even after practicing for so long, I still learn learn something new each day. Once my photography improved, my blog started growing quickly. More people visited and engaged with my blog, they also always gave me great feedback for my photos. Turning back, I can without a doubt point at photography as one of the biggest contributors of my blog's growth.Around eight months ago, when I shifted my niche more towards creative blogging I noticed that bloggers and business owners in the creative industry struggled to find photos that spoke their style. These are talented creatives and bloggers who are passionate about creating and doing what they are best at doing which may be anything from designing, calligraphy, painting to writing, social media marketing, copy writing - you name it. It is difficult to find photos that are relevant to your topic as well as match your style. Some of my blogging friends also said that they often spent hours trying to find the perfect photo that suited their needs. Knowing how hard it is to learn photography, I badly wanted to come up with a solution for this problem. So I went ahead and created this photo resource specially for all you awesome bloggers and creatives out there. This is the first photo pack of Creative Convex and I hope to add more photo packs in the coming months.

Photography changed the blogging game for me, and it can for you too!


How you can use the Creative Photo Pack:

Here are some of the best ways you can use this photo pack to spruce up your blog and business:

  • Blog post graphics
  • Photos for blog/ web design
  • Ebook covers
  • Social media covers and images
  • Newsletter design
  • Landing & sales pages
  • Product mockups

I created this photo pack with the intention of helping as many bloggers and creatives out there as possible, so I'd love for you to spread the word and share this photo pack with your creative friends who you think this would be beneficial for. They will love you for it, I promise!

Struggling to find photos that match your style and speak your voice? Download this awesome free photo pack with 20 high resolution photos that you can use for your blog and business!

And yes, I would absolutely love for you to Pin this image and share it with your friends :) Spread the word and be awesome! Visit the Creative Convex page here to learn more.


Thanks so much for everything you all. As readers, peers and insanely talented human beings, you all inspire me each day to create and live better! Thank you super so much! <3

Please share your feedback in the comments, I can't wait!