Everything you need to know about the new iPhone 7 camera

Deciding wherther or not to upgrade to the next iPhone 7 or 7 plus? Here's everything you need t o know about the new iPhone camera

With the iPhone being the most popular camera in the whole world, Apple is constantly trying to make it better and better. And this time around the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus have got some interesting camera upgrades which I am super excited to share with you! I 've believed that the iPhone can take DSLR quality pictures and with the new iPhone 7 upgrade, it is even more so. So if you are an ardent iPhone photography fan and are thinking of an upgrade, here's everything you need to know about the new iPhone 7 camera!

What’s better in the iPhone 7?

Before anything, let's take a quick look at the specifications:

  • 12 mega-pixel rear-facing camera
  • 7 mega-pixel HD front-facing camera
  • f/1.8 aperture lens
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Six-element lens for better quality in low-light
  • Quad-LED True Tone flash
  • High-speed image sensor

The camera has the same 12 MP resolution as the iPhone 6s, however the front facing camera has been updated from 5MP to 7MP camera. The camera has a new six-element lens which improves image sharpness and quality and helps you take better photos in low-light too! The lens is equipped with f 1.8 aperture which has the ability to capture 50% more light than the iPhone 6 models which have lens with aperture f 2.2.

What’s better in the iPhone 7 plus?

The iPhone 7 plus camera has all the features of iPhone 7, additionally it also has 2 special enhancements :

  • A dual camera system with 2 lenses: 1 telephoto lens and 1 wide angle lens
  • 2x optical zoom

The iPhone 7 plus camera has got a bigger upgrade with a dual lens system which lets you create amazing bokeh (blurry background effect due to shallow depth of field) in your photos. Also the telephoto lens allows for 2X optical zoom which means you can zoom without losing quality!

Deciding wherther or not to upgrade to the next iPhone 7 or 7 plus? Here's everything you need t o know about the new iPhone camera

Exciting features that make the whole upgrade worth it?

Personally I am the most curious and excited for these features:Shallow depth of field: As I said before the dual lens system in the iPhone 7 plus allows for a shallow depth of field which lets you take photos with a sharp subject and a blurry background like the one below. This effect can be still replicated in previous iPhone versions with the helps of other apps, but I am glad its straightforward to do it now.

Deciding wherther or not to upgrade to the next iPhone 7 or 7 plus? Here's everything you need t o know about the new iPhone camera

RAW format: If you are a DSLR photographer, you surely have heard of the RAW image format.When you shoot in raw, your camera does not process the data to create your image file. So all the data is preserved and you get a lot more flexibility and control to process the data to produce high quality photos. But in case of jpeg format, the camera processes all the image data beforehand thereby not giving you much control over the quality of the image. The new iPhone 7 camera now lets you shoot and store in RAW format.Zoom: In previous versions of the iPhone, instead of using optical zoom, the iPhone camera uses digital zoom. Digital zoom basically means that the camera uses built-in software to crop away the edges of the original image to get a closer view on a certain area of the photo. This affects the pixels in the photo and makes them appear blocky which dramatically reduces the quality of the image. But in the iPhone 7 plus, the camera has 2X optical zoom which means you can zoom without losing quality!

Do you need to upgrade for the camera?

Personally, as an iPhone 6 user, I don't see any "major" upgrades in the iPhone 7. However if you are thinking of the iPhone 7 plus, there is considerable enhancement in the camera. So if you are planning to upgrade just for the camera, iPhone 7 plus is a better one to look at. If you were anyway planning to upgrade your iPhone, the iPhone 7 has great camera features that wont disappoint!

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With the iPhone camera getting better and better, there is no better time than now to get serious about your iPhone photography game! :)

What are your thoughts on the new iPhone 7 & plus? Are you planning to upgrade? Leave a comment below!