25 Must Watch TED Talks for Creative Entrepreneurs

Often as business owners wearing multiple hats, we get exhausted and burnt out! To keep you going, here are 25 ted talks to pep up and inspire creative business owners!

Running a business is not an easy job and it can wear you down at times if you let it. I do love my work and I am grateful that I can do what I love everyday, but as in every profession, there are days when I feel less inspired. On difficult days, its easy to give up as you feel exhausted and burnt out but its important to keep going. During such times, I find it useful to look outside for inspiration. A good, inspiring TED talk never fails to lift my soul and leave me feeling energized and motivated. For those times when you are in need of a little push and a little motivation, here are 25 TED talks to get you back on track:


Sure, we all have goals and work hard towards achieving them each day. However, for me something that's more important than goal itself is the intention behind the goal. A life with intention gives a lot of satisfaction and content. These 5 TED talks inspire you to dream big, be a go getter and live an intentional life.Steve Jobs: How to live before you dieHeather Payne: How to Turn Your Side Project Into a Full-Time GigLeah Busque: Have Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals And Take Baby StepsPaula Scher: Do What You've Never Done Before

Amy Cuddy : Your body language shapes who you are


With most of our time spent online, it is easy to get carried away with distractions that are just a mouse-click away. To have a good work-life balance its important to be productive and make the most of your time at work. After watching these talks, I am sure you ll take away a tip or two that will amp up your productivity.Jason Fried : Why Work doesn't happen at workShawn Achor : The happy secret to better workScott Belsky: Is It Urgent, Or Is It Important?Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend

Paolo Cardini : Forget multitasking, try monotasking


For those of us who don't have a background in business, it can get really hard at times to understand the ins and outs of running a full-time business. These talks help you to look at business from a higher level and a refreshing perspective.Jeff Bezos: What matters more than your talentsTina Roth Eisenberg: Don't Complain, CreateRilla Alexander: Without the Doing, Dreaming Is UselessSimon Sinek: If You Don't Understand People, You Don't Understand BusinessSeth godin: How to get your Ideas spread


Every human being is creative - yet, to be creative is a hard thing as it is easy to mimic a result but not creativity. These TED talks challenge you to push your creative limits and dare you to be different!Julie Burstein: 4 lessons in creativityElizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative GeniusDavid Kelley: How to build your creative confidenceMargaret Heffernan: Dare to disagreeGary Vaynerchuk: Do what you love (no excuses!)


While each of us have a different definition for success, it is certain that each of us want to be successful. These talks explore the secrets behind success and inspire you to be a go-getter, whatever success means to you!Richard St. John: 8 Secrets of SuccessHeidi Grant Halvorson: The Incredible Benefits of a "Get Better" MindsetArianna Huffington : How to succeed? Get more sleep

Angela Lee Duckworth : The key to success? Grit

Elizabeth Gilbert: Success, failure and the drive to keep creating

How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired? What keeps you going?