The 4-U Formula For Crafting Killer Headlines [Infographic]

Did you know headlines have a great impact on attracting readers to your content? Check out this killer 4U formula for crafting magnetic headlines + case st

Ever wondered why some blog posts get a lot more click-throughs than others? According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people read the headline, but only 2 proceed to read the content. No wonder experts suggest spending 50% of your content creation time coming up with the headline.Surprising right? But when you think about it, it shouldn't be 'cuz we all filter our emails based on the subject line, Isn't it? The internet has way more content than we can consume - and we are forced to make a selection based on the headline. So then, the secret lies in writing attractive headlines which piques the reader's curiosity to come and read your content.

Writing catchy headlines can be tricky, as it is important to be authentic and attractive while not sounding too sales-y. To make this easier, Michael Masterson came up with the 4-U formula for writing attractive headlines. The key to using the 4U formula lies in asking the following four questions while writing your headline:Is your headline Unique?Is your headline Useful?Is your headline Ultra-Specific? Is your headline Urgent?In my opinion, the 4U formula provides a great framework to generate magnetic headlines and here's how:

Unique:If the reader has already come across a headline like yours, why would they click to read your content? Even if you content was unique, there is limited to grab your reader's attention - so its important to make your headline unique. What is it that makes your content exclusive? What is it that your content offers to the reader that nobody else has - make sure to include it in your headline. For instance, I initially chose the headline "Why you need a responsive blog design" but posts with the same headline were all over the web. So in order to make it unique, I altered it to "Why a responsive blog design is important for SEO". The "for SEO" part made the headline unique.

Useful:If there is one thing that I've learnt from blogging, it is that readers come to a blog when they find the content useful and beneficial to them. Is your content offering something that is useful to your readers? Mention in the headline the biggest takeaway of your content for your audience. It is important that the reader believes you will solve their problem just by looking at the headline. Of course, you must also deliver on that promise.

Ultra-Specific:Consider these two headlines :

H1: 5 ideas to decorate your home

H2: 5 ideas to decorate your home using indoor plants

The first headline, although useful, is slightly vague and open-ended. It doesn't mention exactly what the reader can expect from the blog post. Whereas the second headline mentions the exact benefit of the content to the reader. If there are any specifics that you could add to your headline to make it more interesting and trust-worthy for your target audience, use it.

Urgent:Include a sense of urgency to your headline if possible. Depending on your content, this may not be possible always - so if there is one U that you could leave out of your headline, it is the urgency factor. But if your content is time sensitive, highlight it. Why should the user read your content right now? What is it that they are going to gain/lose by reading/not-reading your copy right now? Make sure to imply this in your headline to make it more compelling!

Let's examine a few example headlines to see the 4U formula in action, shall we?

H1. How to earn a living as a freelancer this yearThis headline is unique, its useful for freelancers who are trying to make a full time income, its ultra-specific to freelancers, its urgent as its targeting this year which will definitely make freelancers click on it at one sight.

H2. 7 simple tricks to cut the bounce rate of your site in halfThis headline is useful as it teaches you how to cut down the bounce rate of your site, its ultra-specific about cutting down the bounce rate by half and also specifies that the tricks are simple. It doesn't have an urgency factor to it but its pretty unique in the information it imparts to the readers which is definitely attractive!

H3. 10 Ideas to refresh small spaces under $50This headline is ultra-specific as it is sharing 10 ideas to refresh your spacing using less that fifty dollars. It is super-useful, offers unique ideas and although its not urgent, its definitely attention grabbing!Its so simple yet intriguing, right? This formula can be applied to all sorts of headlines - emails, blog posts, sales pages, e-books, e-courses, you name it.This was my first time creating an infographic, do you like it? I would love to hear your feedback in the comments :)Do you invest time in crafting attractive headlines for your blog posts?