Why you need Styled Brand Photos to grow your business

Photography is super important to grow your business! Why waste time hunting the web for stock photos when you can have custom styled stock photos for your brand that make you stand out and get noticed? Click to learn about how you can get your own branded photos styled exclusively for you!

If you are following along with me for a while, most of you know how much I love photography - and that it was my photos that brought my blog and business to where it is today! My blog grew mani-fold as people starting recognizing and connecting with my work via photography. I regularly received comments on my posts and tweets from people asking me about my photos and telling me how they could spot them from a mile away!Using stock photos was always an option, but I decided to go the custom way! Even though it was a significant investment in terms of time and money, at that stage of my journey, I had the time to learn photography and make it happen. Looking back, I can hands down say that having custom photos was one of the best decisions I made. And here is exactly why you should get custom photos for your brand too:

1. Finding the right photos is extremely hard

Lets be honest, finding the right photos for your own blog and business is very hard. I did it for a while, and soon I had exhausted all the stock photo resources trying to find that photo that aligns with my brand, style and aesthetic. Don't get me wrong, I love stock photos (and give out free ones every month!) but sometimes, stock photos are too generic and rather unhelpful when it comes to the content or niche that you need them for. Plus finding the exact photos that match your aesthetic and purpose is close to impossible. I have had moments when I wished "if only the pink in this photo was a shade lighter", or "why the pen in the photo couldn't be a paint brush", and so on. I am sure you know the feeling!

2. Your brand is unique - then why not your photos?

To create a brand identity and a presence on the web, you need to create a visual experience that stands out. In a few of my initial blog posts, I used stock photos that I thought suited my brand. But then, I saw the same photos popping up on other blogs in my niche. And then I realized, of course! everyone is using the same photos because there are so few options to choose from. On sites like Pinterest where content is so visual, your chances of getting noticed as a brand gets buried if you use generic photos. By using custom photos on your website, you can create a unique experience for your readers and customers. It not only builds your brand and creates awareness but also infuses trust in the minds of the customer.

3. Time is Money, period

Girl, your time is precious! For an entrepreneur, there are already ten tasks that need to be done everyday. And spending hours hunting through the web to find photos that speak your brand should not be one of them. Plus is there any guarantee of finding the right one after spending all that time? Uhm, maybe not! By using custom photos which are readily available to you, you no longer have to worry about what graphic to use for your next blog post, e-book or landing page. What more? Its just a folder away, ready to use!That is why I learnt photography and started taking my own photos. However, I realize that not every business owner out there has the time to invest in the laborious process of learning photography and taking their own photos. And that is why I 've come up with a solution for you!

Photography is super important to grow your business! Why waste time hunting the web for stock photos when you can have custom styled stock photos for your brand that make you stand out and get noticed? Click to learn about how you can get your own branded photos styled exclusively for you!

Introducing Styled Brand Photography:

Starting February, I am offering Styled Brand Photography, a custom solution to take away all your photography woes. Every photo will be styled, shot and edited just for you!

How it works:

With my experience in branding and design, I have a fool-proof formula to give you the photos that speak your brand. I will spend time with you to understand the core values and inspiration behind your brand, and come up with a style guide for the photo shoot. I will work with you through each of the phases- Styling, Shooting and Editing- to make sure we both are on the same page. And before you know it, you will have a set of 20 high resolution photographs delivered to you!These photos are just and just for YOU! You will not see them anywhere else on the internet, so exclusive!

This is for you if you are ..

An artist who wants to showcase their work in an attractive wayAn online shop owner who wants to snowball their sales by using stellar product photographyA designer who wants to attract the right customers to their websiteA blogger who has an awesome brand with clear vision, but are struggling to find photos that speak their styleBasically, any business owner who wants to take their business to the next level by using amazing photography to attract the right customers/clients :)

$30 per photo, really?

Its hard to put a price on something as creative as photography. I could easily sell each of these photos for a hundred dollars and people would buy them. But I want to help you grow your business without breaking your bank. That is why the custom brand photography service is just $597. You not only get the photos you want, you also get the license to use these images in all your paid and free products. If you do the math, its just $30/photo, that is a steal compared to other licensed images on the web, plus these images are custom made for your brand!

Each brand has its own values, aesthetic and style, which is why I never re-use any idea. Every project starts with a clean-slate. This helps me create a unique and exclusive photo pack for every single brand! So I am offering 10 spots every six months. I still a few spots left for this season. So act fast, I can't wait to work with you!

Check out Styled Brand Photography here

I'd love your feedback on this new photography program, it means a lot - thank you!