This review has been long over due, I got this during the beginning of summer if I remember correctly. And the first thing that this reminds me of is the hibiscus flower. I am not sure why though, the color, the fragrance maybe? But nevertheless, I have lost myself to the YSL Rouge pur couture glossy lip stain, a brilliant product IMO.

The shade I have is called Corail Fauve, and as the name suggests it is a coral shade. But trust me when I say this can be the perfect transitional color for autumn as well. It has strong hues of rosy pink in it that makes it a perfect early autumn shade too. I love how bright and fresh it looks and has a pretty good color pay off, that is right in between sheer and opaque. But it is the unique formula that makes it stand out and is something that I have never tried before. It applies as a wet stain and feels a bit watery. But before you think it is going to slide and stick, it dries up into a velvety smooth gloss on the lips and stays there without moving for at least a good four to five hours. I love how soft and satiny it feels that I look forward to wearing it. It is very light on the lips and doesn't stick one bit which is a major plus for me. 

Overall, I am bloody impressed with this product, seriously one of the best I 've seen so far in terms of both the color range and the formula. It is expensive, but it is a lovely treat to give yourself, and I can assure you wont regret it. Look at that packaging, how more beautiful and elegant can it be? I think Fuschsia Dore and Rouge Gouache would be perfect shades for the autumn.

Today is diwali in India, the festival of lights! So a happy diwali to all my Indian friends and also to anyone who is reading this! Bright & Beautiful things have no cultural boundaries, right? :) 

What are your favorite shades in the YSL lip products?
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I 've been putting off using heavy moisturizers and been just using a moisturizing body wash and calling it a  day. But alas, the time has finally come to kick those dry bits and get the moisturizers going. I 've found a moisturizing solution for my dry needs, and it is here to stay for the next few months when the skies are going to be dark and the air is trying to suck the last bit of moisture out of everything!

Body: In addition to a moisturizing body wash in the shower, I use a body lotion to keep the skin free of any dryness till the end of the day. I have normal skin, but with all the heaters and dryness in the air, my skin can go pretty dry. This one: Vanilla bean noel that I got from the bath & body works works just perfectly without being greasy and staining my clothes. Plus, I need something as wonderfully fragrant to tempt me to use it, I seriously can be very lazy otherwise. And on occasions when laziness gets the better of me, I love to use the Ro's argan body conditioner which is an in shower moisturizer. It has argan oil goodness along with a heavenly rose scent which is just the perfect combination to set my mood in the mornings.

Face: After my Origins ginzing moisturizer blessed my face with its last 2 drops of citrus magic, it was time for me to go out and get myself a new one, and I knew I wanted something more for this winter. As is these days, my first choice was to pop into a lush store and see what they had. And within a few minutes of browsing the ingredients lists on the labels, I was out with a tiny tub of the Cosmetic Lad. You must be thinking I am crazy to buy myself a moisturizer designed for the lads. But trust me, it works great for us ladies too. It contains honey, aloe, chamomile, cocoa butter and many more good bits in there, and I confirmed with the lady at lush as well. It has a thick balmy texture and melts into the skin as I apply it. Love it for sure.

Lips: Nuxe reve de miel is doing a good job for now as an over night lip treatment. During the day my whip stick lip balm from lush is the one I go to. My lips are okay, not too dry but they can get burning if not treated properly. Btw, a very curious question! How many times approximately do you re apply lip balm? 

Hair & Nails: The moroccan oil that I mentioned in this haul post, is probably my best discovery of the year. I have dry,  like sahara-desert kinda dry curly hair. And thankfully, this oil is making things a lot more manageable and easy. Ah! I love the burt bees lemon cuticle butter for my very dry cuticles. They usually peel, bleed and cause a mess, but when I use this, everything is a lot more neat and painless. 

I think I 've got my moisture routine down for this winter. But lets hope I say the same until summer. Time for a hot starbucks cuppa of vanilla coffee now. Seattle is showering! Until next time, my friends.

What are your go-to moisturizers this winter?
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An year ago, exactly on this day I sat there designing a small home for my creativity on the internet. It was a space I created for myself, to grow, to share and to fall in love with. Did I know I would be with it after an year? No way! But did that space change my life? Hell, yea!

AN YEAR WITH PINKPOT: It is difficult to explain how an intangible, virtual thing can become such an important part of your life that you cant imagine a life without it after. It has been a great journey so far, ups and downs both, but its been a pleasure to go through it all. There have been times when I have been sad and low about my blog, and there have been times when I have been very inspired and motivated as well. Why did it become such an inseparable part of my life? Simply because it was a beautiful distraction from the mundane life of everyday.

SPECIAL MOMENTS: Some moments during this one year were moments that cannot be re created ever. They made my cry out of happiness. When I got that first comment, first reader and first compliment. A few small but huge milestones - my first 100 readers, and then a 500 and recently a 1000. Pure happiness. One of the most satisfying things when I look back today is that my blog was shortlisted to the top 12 blogs [new comer category] in the Company style blogger awards. I did not win the award finally,  I felt sad, but it gave me a lot of confidence and motivated me to make this li'l space better.

NEW YEAR, NEW DESIGN: Last year was spectacular, but this new year is the one I am looking forward to, with a lot of hope and inspiration. I want to expand my space into a more creative one and one that encourages sharing of knowledge. In addition to beauty and lifestyle, I want to add elements of design and photography in the months to come. I have given Pinkpot a design makeover, as you can see. I have been inspired by minimalistic yet creative designs lately and have tried to reflect that in the design. Please let me know how you like the look of it. 

THANK YOU: And all this would have not been what it is , without you. Yes you! Every single one of you have made a big difference by sending a tweet, commenting, reading and just by being there. Each one of you are more special to me than I could ever express through words. A huge heart felt Thank you! :) 

Hopefully you will continue to be there with me as I continue to grow with this space each day.

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Top-Bottom : Mac Ricepaper, Sumptuous Olive, Carbon

Experimenting with different eye looks has to be my favorite thing when it comes to makeup. Moving towards the colder months, my favorite shades for the eyes are usually dark bronzes and browns. But wanting to change up my style a bit, I ve begun to take the plunge towards branching out to more variety in colors, go a bit bolder. 

I am talking MAC sumptuous olive today. This was an impromptu look that I did by dabbing and blending away randomly with a MAC 217. I of course used the Urban decay primer potion to prime my eyelids. I started off with Sumptuous olive all over the lid. I then blended it into the crease to get rid of the harsh lines and all that. You know that jazz. To add some drama and darken the look a bit, I went with the slightest amount of MAC Carbon on the outer-V and blended that with the green to create a bit of a smokey effect. Then a bit of highlight with MAC ricepaper below the brows and at the inner corners. That ricepaper is something seriously, oh my, the glow it adds! For eyeliner, its my new MAC blacktrack gel eyeliner which is awesome and the urban decay perversion does the job for waterlining the eyes. With a coat of Maybelline rocket mascara, I was ready to go! Where to? Nowhere. Just photographing myself for the blog ;) 

I went over with Sumptuous olive again over the lid and also under the eyes to emphasize it a bit more and so it shows up well in the photos ;) Just that. 

Now, tell me, what do you think of this look? ;) Yay? Nay?
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I have been blogging for close to an year now, and although I have shared a few personal bits here on the blog, I realized I haven't spoken much about myself and what I love doing. So if you like a quick nosey into my life, here goes: 

1. I talk a lot and during the day, that's okay. But that extends into the night, during my sleep. Yes, I am officially a sleep-talker. I am known to suddenly scream - 'Shut up' , 'Stupid' amongst other things in the middle of the night and wake up people around me. But as creepy as it may sound, I assure you I am harmless :) In fact my husband finds it hilarious when he tries to have a conversation with my sleep talk! 

2. I fell in love with my husband when we were both 17 (we are both 26 now) and  got married four months ago. Its been a dream come true. Bliss. You can read about our story here and see my wedding pictures here. But it hasn't sunk in yet, and we need to remind each other often that we are married.

3. I am an extremely emotional person and almost anything can get me into a puddle of tears in just seconds.

4. On the other hand, I laugh like a maniac when I do that I almost start kicking people around me. And that happens in the night when I am sleeping too. So I am a sleep-kicker as well. Looks like I am pretty destructive when I am asleep, poor husband

5. I hate the sound of an ambulance alarm. It sends shivers down my spine. It reminds me of how fragile life is and makes me feel very disturbed for a minute. I always pray for that someone in the ambulance once I cool down. 

6. I am a computer software engineer and hold a masters degree in computer science and I am proud of it. Not bragging.I love to code, code and more. And although I have perfect eyesight, I love wearing those geeky glasses, I think they make me look more intelligent and the serious type.  

7. The meaning of my name - Chaitra means the season of Spring

8. I get disappointed in myself and my efforts very easily. It is a huge task but I am working towards being more optimistic and seeing the brighter side of things.

9. I am trained in Indian classical music and have a few unprofessional vocal releases of Indian songs on my Soundcloud channel. Please don't laugh if you happen to listen to it. No. Don't. 

10. I can finish eating anything in less than five minutes. I just can't wait to finish any food kept in front of me. I am a vegetarian and have never tasted meat. Also I am not the fun party kinda girl, in fact I don't drink at all. I would rather catch up with friends over a cosy dinner and have a light hearted chat and blow the roof off laughing. 

I know that was much more than 10 things, but that should leave you with more than a little bit of me. This was really fun for me to write, and I realized there are quite a few strange things about me. 

What are some fun facts about you?
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