White is an all time favorite. And this nail polish - Essie's Marshmallow is not a new one in my collection. I bought it last year, but fell in love with it only recently. In fact I tried it for the first time only a month or two ago. (This is what happens when you have too many nail polishes!!)

Essie's nail polishes are some of my favorite and I love this one too. It is a satin finish and requires a good three coats to give me the exact opaque finish I like. White nails are so classy. I like how graceful and neat they look. But I am not sure if they would go well with every other outfit. A white shirt + blue jeans ? It looks lovely. But with a black dress? Na, I am not too sure. 

This is something I would love to experiment more with. Also white nail polishes work as a great base for nail art,. Ah, can't wait to try!

You like white nails?


A while ago, I wrote my first color crush post and since then the only color that I have pretty much obsessed over is Orange. The entire summer, I have been stuffing myself with everything that is Orange, even candies, I swear ;) But let's limit this post to just beauty products. 

MAC lip pencil in What a Blast! : This is a real bright orange, I wouldn't dream of carrying it off a few months ago. But now, I am pretty comfortable with its boldness and brightness. It's a MAC pro pencil, and is extremely pigmented. One swipe for a dash of brightness.

Revlon Lip Stain in Miami fever : There have been so many negative reviews of the revlon lip stains floating around. But seriously, I haven't found anything wrong with this one in the shade Miami Fever. In fact I like that it is glossy and the color of this one in particular is pretty and nice. 

MAC lipstick in Lady danger : I have gushed enough and more about this already, so I will keep quiet until I write a complete review, hopefully soon. 

Sally Hansen Nail polish in 620 Taheati: This one was on sale at target and i picked it up for just $2. And i am so glad I did. It is such a bright and cheerful color, makes me want to look at my fingers every now and then while I am at work. 

I am sad we are moving away from summer and these bright colors. But I am excited for autumn too, mainly the furry sweaters and berry lips :) 

What have your favorite colors been recently?


As a relatively new blogger, I love reading about ways of making my blog a better place. And the internet has terabytes of information regarding this. Once you start clicking on the blue links, it is easy to get lost in the world wide web. So to save you some time, I have jotted down my most favorite places to go to for blogging advice. 

Blog Inc - [Book] : The old and golden way of reading - Books. This book, Blog Inc. written by Joy from the blog Oh!Joy is a perfect A-Z guide to blogging. She talks everything from defining your blog's personality, finding your niche to building a community and growing your passion into a business. There are also inspiring stories by 15 bloggers from different arenas which is a treat to read.

A Beautiful Mess : Our own Elsie and Emma provide a wealth of information about blogging that they have garnered through years of their blogging experience. I particularly like this post by Elsie where she provides advice on starting a blog along with kinsey, who was mentored through her initial days of blogging by the ABM sisters.

By Regina : This website is exclusively dedicated for people who want to build creative online businesses of which blogging is a very important one. If you want a crash course on blogging, this is the best place for you.  

Copyblogger : And for a daily dose of blogging news, tips and advice copyblogger is a great website to visit. Also if you are into serious blogging, you will find excellent advice about content creation and marketing, SEO, Freelancing and almost everything related here.

Podcasts : Don't like reading for long? No worries. The grazia magazine in association with Apple provides podcasts on various topics under the publisher name : School of grazia. You can watch/hear them in itunes on your desktop or any of the apple devices like iphone,ipad etc. There are many podcasts like Introduction to blogging, Guide to Vlogging, Introduction to Fashion blogging, and my most favorite one by Lily, Fleur and Estee - Beauty Blogging

Hope you find these useful, and let me know if you'd like to see posts like these pop up here often. 

What are your favorite blogging advice pages?


I haven't done a monthly favorite posts before, but the last month I tried many new products and have fallen in love with quite a few.

If you have read my haul post, you know that Bobbi Brown bronzer and Moroccan oil already. The bronzer is THE best bronzer I have tried so far. Not too dark, not too obvious but gives instant bright sun-kissed cheeks and if used with a heavy hand, it can be used to contour  as well. 2-in-1, you are mine. 

Now this oil. Yes you, Moroccan oil, where the hell have you been all  my life? This is the best thing I have found for my curly hair, and I never can live without it again. It gives my hair that much needed moisture and also a healthy look. 

I am not a big fan of mascara. Mainly because I can go without it, and secondly it is a pain to remove. So it is mainly reserved for extremely special occasions. As a birthday gift from Sephora, I received the Make up forever Smoky extravagant mascara, and it is all that I can expect from a mascara. Gives defined, fuller lashes. Makes my eyes stand out. I love it. But still, there is no magic way to remove it without it being a pain. 

Again concealer, isn't something I use always. It is reserved for those days when I want to look extra fresh and perfect. I used it quite a few times in august, and each time I fell in  more in love with it. Its not a secret how good NARS radiant creamy concealer is, and I am not an exception in being a fan.

MAC Peaches blush. Ah, that beauty. Perfect summer shade, brightens the cheeks and has the best powder formula I have ever seen. I love how pretty it is in the pan, and how much more prettier it is on the cheeks. 

I don't have the best nails. Forget best, they aren't even close to good. So not in the wildest dreams would I buy myself a manicure kit. But you know what, I want to make them better. If not the best, atleast the best they can get. So I have been trying to build my own home-manicure set. And as a starter, I got the Essie base coat. And, it works great in making the nail polish last longer. Also I like wearing it just like that on my nails, [I know its silly] because of that light barely - there kinda look it gives. So far, so good. Will keep you updated, on my nail routine.

And lastly, I have been enjoying that double-layered necklace from Forever 21 a lot. It is so light, I can barely feel I am wearing it. I love how dainty and pretty it looks, and it goes with almost every other outfit. 

So that is it more or less. On the other hand, I have been feeling a bit sick since last week with a bad neck pain and a terrible head ache. Hope it goes away soon. I am working on a craft project this weekend, and I cant wait to share it with you guys. Have a happy weekend you lovely lot! :) 

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About a little more than a month ago, I had about a 1000 of you lovely bunch reading my little PinkPot. It was an exciting moment, and I was on cloud nine dancing away. Seriously, not in my craziest dreams did I think I ll have so many of you showering so much love on my blog within just an year. 

Even now, its very hard for me to believe that you all enjoy reading my little corner of the web. Since starting this blog last October, I have put my heart into every post that I have written, every photo that I have clicked and every idea I have come up with. And, the rewards have been overwhelming, the love and warmth in every tweet and comment I get is something that I fall short of words to explain. Seriously, thank you so much because if not for blogging, my life would have been a lot more different. Whenever any of you message me saying you love my photographs, my heart does a happy dance. I am very passionate about photography, and to be acknowledged for it is a great feeling. 

This is my little, humble way of thanking you guys. I have heard loads of good things about the urban decay naked basics palettes, and I myself cant wait to try one. I havent heard of anyone who doesnt like neutral shades, so this I thought would be an ideal choice for a giveaway. So one of you can win your choice of  the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (Original or Naked 2). Good luck lovelies! :) 

Big hugs to each one of you, Thank you so much!

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