From Top-Bottom, L-R : All that glitters, Woodwinked, Coppering, Brun

Finally, I have made my first ever MAC eyeshadow quad. And I can't tell you how excited I am right now. But, it hasn't been easy. MAC has like a million gorgeous eyeshadows and it is so difficult to choose just four of the lot.

I wanted a quad that I was going to get complete use out of. I knew I was going to carry mine around all the time, and so I wanted to make sure it had all my most used and most loved shades from MAC. I wanted mine to be able to serve for an everyday as well as a night-out look. So I have neutrals, with a pop of color and also a shade to do my eyebrows. So, lets begin the tour!

All that glitters [Top-L] : One of the most infamous MAC eyeshadows, a gorgeous champagne gold with tiny shimmer. Works as an all-over-lid as well as a highlight color for my tanned complexion. 

Woodwinked [Top- R] : Reserved for night-out looks. It is a brilliant brownish-gold and is gorgeous to sweep all over the lid. It looks extremely pretty, grand and just brightens the eyes like noone's business.

Coppering [Bottom- L] : If I am up for something bold, this will go right into the outer corners or the crease. It is a brilliant sparkly brick-red-orange shade and is just so striking, bold and beautiful.

Brun [Bottom- R]: This is my go-to shade for filling in my eyebrows as it is an almost black with a hint of brown. Works perfectly as a crease color when applied lightly and doubles up for a smoky eye when applied with a heavy hand. Multi-purpose, Yeah!

All in all, I love the idea of a custom, compact, economical eyeshadow quad by MAC. Well worth my money! :) I wrote about MAC palettes here if you want more information. Let me know if you are interested in seeing how I wear these for different looks, would love to share that with you!

What are your favorite MAC eyeshadows?


L-R: L'oreal Not a  cloud in sight, Essie first timer, Revlon eclectic, Essie mint candy apple

I have developed a thing for mints, blues and greens over the last year. I love the brightness and freshness of these colors, which are just so perfect for summer. I have been wearing all possible shades of blue and green on my nails the past few months, and here are my favorites ;) 

Essie Mint Candy Apple: This is one of my first blogger influenced purchases. It is a bluish mint color, and is a bit streaky on the first coat. But after the second coat, it leaves your nails with a gorgeous opaque layer of a baby blue shade with a hint of mint. 

Revlon Eclectic: This is the perfect mint-green shade. I just love how easy it is to apply and the freshness in the color, so rejuvenating! 

Essie First Timer: I got this from essie's summer collection last year, and it is a sea green with a hint of blue in it. I love that it goes on very opaque, and the color itself is very pleasant and calming.

L'oreal Not a cloud in sight: This is again from my last year collection and is the blue-est of them all. The perfect sky blue is what I would call this. The formula is amazing and it goes on extremely smooth on the nails. 

I have been rocking these colors in the hot months, and they are so perfect for the beach or a picnic. Love love love! :) 

What are your favorite summer shades? ;)


It is going to be an year this October since I started PinkPot, and although I try and  post 2-3 times a week most of the time, I have recently begun to feel the need for a systematic blogging routine. I work full-time as a researcher, and everyday is not the same. On some days I have more work than on others, and managing my time efficiently is key to keep everything running smoothly. 

Here are a few points that helped me while putting together my blogging routine, I hope it helps you too.

Planning posts : My brain is full of ideas all the time, and I find it very useful to jot them down on the go. For this, I keep a handy notebook along with me at all times. Once a week, I sit down, gather all my ideas together and plan my posts. While outlining my post, I make sure to write a title and a rough structure for the post. I also roughly sketch out the images I want to take for the post. This makes my photography & content writing a lot more easier, and ensures I don't miss anything out. 

Photography: I take pictures in bulk, and the rough photo sketches come in very handy. During the afternoons, when the sun is kind, I set out the layout for my photos and start clicking away. I take a lot of shots until I am completely happy. Editing photos is one of my favorite things to do. After sieving the good photos out of the whole lot, I edit them all together using Picmonkey  or Photoshop

Writing Content: I use the blogger editor to write all my posts. I always write only one post at a time. Hence it becomes a little tricky to manage time with respect to writing posts. I write posts only when I am in the mood for it, so whenever I can, I squeeze out a few minutes to write up posts throughout the day. Though this is not the best way to do it, it works for me! 

Schedule posts / editorial calendar: I think it is useful to decide how frequently and on what days of the week you want to post. Using an editorial calendar works wonders for me and I use blogger  to schedule posts on a weekly basis. Since I post three times a week, I space out the posts accordingly and also make sure they vary in topic just to ensure I am not posting about lipsticks continuously during the week ;) 

Promotion: Honestly, this is one thing that I find very boring. Sharing new posts on social media like Twitter and Instagram is important, but I find it difficult to keep tweeting throughout the day. So to my rescue, comes tweetdeck which I use to schedule my tweets about my new posts. As soon as a post is ready to go live, I make sure to schedule my tweets for it on Tweetdeck , and trust me it helps.


I fortunately can afford to spend 1-2 hours everyday on blogging depending on my work schedule. It is difficult to keep up with a strict routine all the time, but I try my best to stick to it as much as I can. That way, I don't have to worry much if I need to take a sudden break or a small weekend getaway. From now on, I will be posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7 am GMT [UK time].  Here is what my blogging routine looks like: [The numbers in the boxes denote the number of hours I spend] 

I hope you will enjoy the posts to come, and check back here often for some beauty & style news, fun and happiness!

I am loving this journey with you all, Thank you! :) 


Honestly, I am guilty of this, this haul. This expensive, pocket-unfriendly, luxurious haul. But I can justify every single purchase you can see in the picture above. * Excuses .. excuses. *

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder:  I was impressed when the SA at Nordstrom applied this onto the hollows of my cheeks and magically gave me a cheek lift in seconds. It was easy, at least so it seemed especially when applied using the bronzer brush. Since I have a tanned complexion, very few bronzers actually show up on me. I fell in love with this instantly and walked away flaunting my newly acquired cheekbones.

YSL Glossy Lip stain:  What is summer without a Coral lip? I had heard a lot about the YSL glossy stains, and I was sure I wanted this pretty shade in Corail fauve when I saw it.  I love that pinky-coral tint it gives my lips. I have tried it once so far, and it is a dream. Can't wait for more of it. 

Moroccan Oil: My hair never gets greasy. Never. Instead it drinks oil. It needs gallons of oil every day, it is  just so dry. So after searching and researching on google, I knew the next stop for my dry hair woes was the Moroccan Oil treatment. I got the mini version to make sure I completely like it before buying the full size. It smells of heaven is all I can say right now, results will come in due course of time.

MAC Fluidline Blacktrack: This was on my list for too long, I just had to get it. My first gel eyeliner, I love the intense black that it is and the tiny pot packaging it comes in!

MAC angled brush #283: I bought this to help with my failed cat flick attempts (Read about it here) And guess what, It is a god send for a cat eyeliner noob like me. The angle is already there, ready for you to flick away ;) 

I cant wait to try these products and get back to you all with a full review soon. But I am almost sure I love all of them already :) Though expensive, It is a haul I do not regret. Once in a while it's okay to self-throw a shopping-pamper party <Now, whatever that meant!>

Have you tried any of these? 


Left : MAC Russian Red ||  Right: Bobbi Brown Red carpet
Summer or Winter, Spring or autumn, if there is one color that is in vogue all year round, it is RED. I wasn't a fan of red lips until recently. Moreover I was scared of it, come on it is a bold statement. But since the last few months or so, I have developed a craving for red lipsticks. And so, I have two in my vanity!

One is the infamous Russian red from MAC and the other is the gorgeous Red Carpet from Bobbi Brown. Both are beautiful and very richly pigmented matte lipsticks. Russian Red is slightly, very slightly deeper than Red Carpet which is more of a bright tomato red. I find that the MAC one is slightly more drying on the lips, but nothing that cannot be fixed with a good lip balm underneath! On the other hand, Red Carpet has a creamy formula and is hence not drying at all. It also feels very light on the lips! This was my first lipstick from Bobbi Brown, and I am impressed to say the least!

Both are similar, yet so different. I like wearing Russian red mostly during evenings and Red carpet is reserved for day time wear (If I am feeling so bold!). But yes, officially my RED obsession has started. I cant wait to see how many more red lipsticks will become mine in the near future. I already have another one in mind. Wait.. what did you say? NARS Cruella? My wallet just screamed NO ;)

What are your favorite Red lipsticks?