Blush isn't a beauty product I use too often, but this blusher has got me hooked! I must have read and watched a thousand bloggers / vloggers say good things about this. And they did for a good reason. These Amazonian clay blushes from Tarte have got it in them, and how! 

Around a month ago, I got two of these in the shades Natural Beauty and Tipsy. I couldn't decide between the two and so decided to spoil myself with both. Tell me this happens to you too. Please! Natural beauty is a bright rosy pink-red and Tipsy as you can see above is a bright coral shade with a hint of pink. These are just the perfect colors for Spring, so I m kind of not beating myself up for buying both! Also I've been wearing them quite often, so its all fine! ;) 

The formula is a soft powder, which blends well with the skin leaving a nice tint of color on the cheeks. The pigmentation is pretty good and is build-able. However, I don't prefer too much going on, on my cheeks, so a subtle wash of color is good for me. So as you can see, I have applied it with a light hand and it looks very natural.

The claim is that this lasts for 12 hours, but honestly I haven't  tested it for that  long. I have tried it for about 7-8 hours, and it didn't fade or oxidize on me. So that's good news and frankly 8 hours is a good for me. I cant expect better. It is infused with some goodness of amazonian clay which is supposed to minimize the oil on your skin as well as hydrate it at the same time, thereby balancing it all. It is also free of parabens, sulphates and all the other irritating stuff you don't want to put on your skin! So Thumbs up, Tarte!

So, If you are looking for a bright summery shade to accompany your cheeks to the beach, then look nowhere beyond Tipsy. It is a gorgeous pinky-coral shade with a hint of shimmer and looks beautiful especially with a tan. The shimmer isn't too much, it is very fine and subtle, so it wont bother you much if you aren't a shimmer loving person.

There you go, a reason why I chose this for my Giveaway. I was sure you guys will love it! 'Cuz, truly it is a gem! 

What are your favorite Tarte products?

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If you would ask me what is the one product I can not live without, it would have to have to be my eyeliner. I feel that is the only thing I need to brighten up my face a bit, if I look tired or dull. I don't know about you, but for me its all in the eyes ;) So many days, that is the only thing I wear too!

And let me confess, I am a crazy eyeliner addict. And have so many of them, in many colors, formulas and packaging! But there are a few that make it into my most frequently used list, and here they are :

1. Victoria Secret Bold  Liquid Liner : This is the only beauty product I own from VS and I would say it is not bad. In fact, this is the only liquid eyeliner I have been using for an year now. The tip makes it easy to apply for an eyeliner Pro ( definitely not me), but for someone more novice, this might not be the one. But the formula is excellent, dries up almost instantly, doesn't smudge and stays put all day long. And the color is a rick black, which I absolutely love.

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil (Perversion) : This I think is my go to liner if I want something really strong going on with my eyes. It is thick, highly pigmented, a jet black eye pencil.Swipe this, and I feel so dressed up. I mostly use this on my lower lash line, but you could just as well use it for upper lashes and I bet it would work so well for a smokey eye! The only thing I don't like is sharpening these, I feel like I am wasting a lot of product.

3. MAC Technakohl liner (Graphblack) : This is my cutie pie. It has stuck with me for the last five years and I have repurchased it twice. It is hands down my everyday liner. Very light, easy to use and lasts forever. It is a twist up kind of pencil, and is self-sharpening which I love. This is the eyeliner you will find in my purse at any time, just perfect. 

4. Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil (Roach) : Whenever I am bored of black or want something subtle on my eyes, this is the one I go to. It is a bronze with some golden shimmer. The formula is good as usual and it works great with a brown smoky eye. Also you can use it on the lid as an eye shadow if you want too !

I generally like black liners for everyday, as I feel they define my eyes well. Though liquid eyeliners are more precise, I generally prefer pencils for everyday wear as they are easy to use and are no-nonsense. 

Also I was so naughty this weekend and did so much shopping, so definitely watch out for many haul posts in the coming weeks! ;)

Some liquid eyeliner recommendations please? 

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Last weekend called for a visit to the mall, and of course being the lush lover that I am, I helped myself to a few goodies from the candy-smelling store. I initially went in to pick up the Whipstick lip balm which I had hit pan on, but well, nothing goes as planned when I go shopping. 

1. Cupcake Mask : I have heard so much about the fresh face masks, and I had been wanting to try one for such a long time. I was torn between Cupcake and Love Lettuce and for very obvious reasons, the chocolate lover in me went for Cupcake. I have tried it once, and so far its been nice. Its a mix of chocolate and peppermint oil and is quite refreshing. However, I will be able to tell better only after I try it a few times more.

2. Latte Lip Tint: Now this was not a impulsive purchase. When I was in Boston for the Christmas holidays, I had hopped into a mall for a short visit. I remember trying the MAC Patisserie lipstick and soon after that I had dabbed this lip tint for a trial in the lush store. However I had walked away without buying either, and had regretted it because these two had worked so well together to give me very nice, shiny, pinky lips. So this time I made sure to pick it up. Its is a rose-gold lip tint with somewhat beige undertones if that makes any sense. It looks beautiful just on its own, or on top of any lipstick.

3. Buffy Body Butter: I have been using this in the bath, and I have only good things to say about it. It is both exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time, and leaves a good film of non-greasy, buttery moisture on the skin which makes it oh! so soft. 

4. Dream Steam Tab: The SA at the store had such wonderful things to say about it. It is a tab rich in rose+lavender oils which can be just dropped into hot water for a good facial steam. I do mini home facials once a month, and was very excited to try this. Also she said that the water can be stored and used as a toner for a week after. I am yet to try it, but I will keep you posted.

I don't have a detailed opinion on any of these yet, but as soon as I do, i ll make sure you know! :)

So there you go, a little haul, I am quite surprised it is not too much though.  I sometimes shop smart ;) But that is only sometimes. I have turned into a complete lushie since a few past visits to the store. And I have to say I am enjoying all the pampering! 

What are your favorite lush products?

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I just got to know that I have been nominated for the Company Blog Awards. I am beyond happy and excited, I can just cry! :)  Thank you so so much! So I thought I would write a quick post to ask you all, my dear readers to further help me by nominating my blog for the Best International Blog- Newcomer (less than one year blogging) category. I would be so happy if you did! 

So if you like my blog, and you think I deserve to be nominated, please click here or the picture above and enter your nomination for my blog! If you do, please let me know by commenting below! :) 

Thank you so much, for reading my blog and inspiring me every day! :)

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If there has been anything that has received Hate and Love in exactly same quantities from me, it is definitely my hair. My Curly hair. I have naturally very curly hair, just as you can see in the picture above and trust me it has not been easy. 

My hair has a mind of its own, it really does. There are new curls, twists and turns every single morning. And there is no formula to deduce how it all happens. It is a strange, unsolved puzzle till date. And coupled with the frizzi-ness and tangles, there are times when I just feel like screaming and pulling all my hair out. But! But, it is also very true, that it looks lovely when it has been just washed and air-dried, I love how unpredictable my curls are and the unique-ness they lend to my personality. 

I thought it would be useful to share my top tips for all you curly hair beauties. So here they come:

- Oil 'em: Lets be honest. Curly hair needs oil. It is a necessity. If I want my hair to look like hair and not a hay nest, then I have to give it some moisture and nutrition. I use coconut oil and this is a wonder potion. It lubricates and nourishes my hair like nothing else. I use this as a pre-condtioner, so I soak my hair in coconut oil on every sunday morning for about one - two hours before I head in for a hot shower.

- No Sulfates Please: Sulfate free shampoos and conditioners are abundant in the market, so please lets make use of it. Sulfates are known to strip off all the moisture from the hair, and this is completely disastrous for already dry and curly hair. Using sulfate free products will ensure that the hair stays hydrated and healthy.

- Let's air-dry: Curly or not, it is best to let the hair air dry naturally instead of using hot dryers and rollers. This heat again, is very stripping, makes the hair very brittle and prone to damage. So keep away from these as much as possible.

- Two Times Too Much: Unless you have a really greasy scalp, It is best not to wash the hair too frequently. Most people who have curly hair have normal to dry scalp, so too much washing of the hair might just make it more dry and difficult to manage. I personally dont prefer washing my hair more than twice a week and it works for me. My hair doesn't need more. So listen to what your hair is telling you!

These things have definitely helped me in handling my hair better. I would have never otherwise dreamt of having it this long. I am not saying my hair is perfect now, it never will be. But, I love it now more than ever before and I wouldn't have it any other way.

It has been quite a journey, but I have learned to embrace my curls, both during happy and frizzy times!

Do you have any tips for me?

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