I know there are at least a hundred thousand reviews of this out there and I myself have read about hundred before splurging on the NUXE Reve de Miel Baume Levres lip balm. Yet, I want to put my thoughts about this one out there, only because I know that many of you just like me haven't found your ideal lip balm yet. Have I found mine? 

OK, rewind to a few months ago, when I wrote this post - Battle of the lip balms. If you've read this post, you most definitely know how fussy I am when it comes to lip balms. Just after I wrote that post, I stumbled upon rave reviews and recommendations of the Parisian Nuxe Reve de Miel. And obviously to quench my thirst, I decided to try this out. 

It is good, definitely. If you have extremely problematic, dry, chapped, cracked lips this one is really good for you. Apply it overnight, and you have softer, smoother lips next morning. It has a very heavy, solid honey texture and goes on as a thick layer when applied on the lips. Feels very moisturizing, nourishing and luxurious on the lips, and aah especially with that citrusy candy smell. Yum.  

But for day time? No, I don't recommend this. It is not light enough for the day time when you can't be bothered too much about your lip balm. For me, it is the best lip balm for the night, but I just cant throw it in my hand bag for the day. I like it best on my bed side table :) 

So while my search for a day time lip balm continues, this one definitely gets a thumbs up for giving me soft, nourished and smoother lips every morning! 

On a side note, with all the move and stuff taking a toll on me, I am a bit unwell with a bad cold and fever! Boo! So its been just sleeping and swallowing tablets for me this weekend! Anyway, I am not complaining, who doesn't love to sleep all day! ;)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Happy Monday!


No secret I love MAC. And its my dream to own all MAC eyeshadows someday. But I am not too far behind on their lipsticks either. MAC lipsticks are some of the best quality lipsticks with a wide color range. Also they come in different finishes, so there is something for everyone. 

I have a handful of MAC lipsticks, but here are my top four favorites. These are my most frequently used, and you will not see me walk out of the door without at least one of these in my bag!

Fanfare (Cremesheen) : Cremesheen is the most moisturizing among all the finishes. Fanfare is one gorgeous peachy pink lady who is just perfect for the spring and summer. If subtle, yet stand out is your style, then she should be your go-to!

See Sheer (Lustre) : The best sheer coral lipstick, which is perfect for a beach or cocktail party. It is this. Sheer and lustrous, it looks very fresh and glossy. It moisturizes like a lip balm and is not heavy at all on the lips. Easy to wear, a bright and carefree lipstick! 

Twig (Satin) : This was my first MAC lipstick, and it is love. It is a very subtle pinky-brownish nude which works so well with my tanned complexion. It looks very natural and has a satin, smooth finish. It is my go to lipstick when I don't know what else to flaunt on my lips!

Russian Red (Matte): Hands down, this is the best shade of red I have ever come across. Let me tell you, I would run a mile away from red lipsticks before I met Russian Red. There is something about this one which suits me so well, it is subtle yet bold, it is classy, it is chic, it is royal. Period. It will be my go to red. Forever.

* sings * So these are a few of my favorite MAC lipsticks!  *sings*

This week has been going good, we are moving into a new home. It's been hectic, shopping non-stop for furniture and household stuff. But I can never get tired of shopping! Who can? ;) I cant wait to share pics of my new home with you all. Hopefully very soon!

What are your favorite MAC lipsticks?


If you have been reading my blog, you know two things for sure. First : I have been MIA with respect to my blog for almost two months and a half. And second: The reason for that is my most longest holiday ever.

There have been so many things happening in my life that I have had literally no time to relax and reflect a bit on what's going on! No, my life is not so exciting all the time, I assure you! The last 2 months was just a pretty phase. 

I went home to India for my wedding. May was the month of preparations, so much of excitement and joy all around. It was a time with my family that I will never ever forget. So much shopping, chatting, eating and makeup trial sessions were the highlights of this month, most definitely!

June was the blissful month of my wedding. I had to leave my own home and move in with my hubby which was a pretty emotional moment for my parents and me. A very unfair rule, but that is how it is! Boo! I was on a roller coaster of emotions during this month. But the Bali honeymoon vacation which I posted about last week was an absolute lovely refresher. 

Now its July. Last week on the 7th, was my birthday. Simple and quiet, a good movie and some delicious food was all it took to make me happy! And now, I am back. Back to the USA, back to work and back to blogging. And I have never been so excited about getting back to work, seriously. 

We have moved to Seattle. And it is one beautiful city. We have been house hunting last three days and have finally decided on a beautiful apartment in the downtown. How more exciting can that get? "I live in Seattle Downtown". Sounds so fancy. Yay? Ok. Just kidding! 

So this week will be again all about moving into our new home, shopping, setting it up and some relaxing. I will be posting as per my normal schedule from now. Definitely look out for some beauty posts coming your way soon!

Wish you all a very lovely week! :)


Feet & Beach Sand!
The View from the Private beach
Me trying to pose! Wateva! ;)
Sunset Bliss! 
Love the serenity! 

Bali! Now, that was really really the best holiday ever! I don't know where to begin, about my Bali vacation. Basically, I didn't want to come back. It was that good!

Of course, you might say it was my honeymoon, so any place would be like heaven with my man beside me. That being very true, I must say Bali made it all the more special with its pleasant tropical weather, great food closer to home, sweet people and of course the out of the world scenic natural beauty. 

We lived at the Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa, and it just could not have been better. It has a private beach and the environment in the resort is very calm and pleasant. It feels like being very close to nature. Staying in a private villa was a first time for me and it was wonderful. The interior design, the ambiance and the aesthetics of the place was truly captivating and mesmerizing!

Also we had the opportunity to experience a spa session during our stay, and it was very liberating and rejuvenating. Bali has some really great bath & spa stuff like  massage oils, bath salts and aromatic incense sticks. I made sure to pick up some stuff to try out, so watch out for a haul post! 

It was a good 5 days, short and sweet stay in Bali, and this visit will stay in our hearts forever. Hope you enjoy the pictures! :) 

What is your favorite holiday destination :) 


It is no secret that I am a crazy MAC addict. But in specific, I am crazy about MAC eyeshadows! Though it seems silly, I wish I own all the eye shadows from MAC some day. Well, for now that is a dream! 

But hey! I am working towards it! I am not sure if you all know about MAC Palettes! These are customize-able palettes that come in sizes of 2, 4 and 15. I specially love the duos and quads, they are so chic, classy, travel-friendly and just perfect. I love the see through glass-like packaging!

Making a palette works out much cheaper than buying single eye shadows! The refills are just 10$ compared to singles which cost about 15$. Now that is a good deal and great news for girls like me ;)

I have a duo and a quad! I am in the process of filling them up. MAC Cranberry, Wood-winked, Antiqued, All that glitters, Swiss chocolate and Mulch are mine as you can see. Still a long way to go, but I am excited about building my MAC collection :) 

What are your favorite eye shadows?