How To Use Photoshop Actions For Branding Your Blog & Business

Curious about how to use photoshop actions for branding your blog & business? Here is a step by step tutorial to get you started with photoshop actions and also you can download a FREE set of professional actions from @filtergrade!

Most blogs and businesses use photography to make their content and website stand out to their audience. I personally spend quite a bit of time taking photos that go with my brand and enhance the content of my blog posts, and most of that time is actually spent in editing the photos. Editing photos is…

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A Step-by-step Guide To Setting Up An Etsy Shop

How to set up an etsy shop ! Planning to start an etsy shop? Do it the fuss free way. This comprehensive checklist covers everything you need to set up an etsy shop!

It is super easy to setup a shop on Etsy because of the amazing and user friendly interface that they have. If you are wondering how to get started with it all, here is my previous post – How to start an Etsy Shop. You can get up on a weekday and say “I want…

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Blog Photography 101 : Understanding Exposure

Want to take breath taking photographs for your blog? Its important to understand the basics first :) Dive deep into learning everything you need to know about Exposure in this post - Aperture, shutter speed and ISO!

At the beginning, I aimlessly shot with my camera at beautiful scenery and colorful backdrops, without actually knowing what photography is or how it works. Of course, the results were not as good as I had hoped. So, I took a step back and started focussing on the basics and figured out how the core…

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7 Ways to Create Memorable Content For Your Audience

What is it about the blog posts that we read once and never forget? Read about how you can use these 7 ways for better content marketing and for creating memorable content for your blog audience!

What is it about the blog posts that we read once and never forget? Something about them connects with us deeply and sticks in our memory for a very long time. These posts are usually helpful to us or resonate with us at a personal level. But sometimes, even when a post is useful, if we…

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5 Backdrop Ideas For Blog Photography Under $30


Ah last week was crazy, wrapping up my job. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement you sent my way – I feel so charged. This transition phase from my job to freelance design is well, an exciting challenge for me. I am planning to take it slow, figure out things as I go…

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A New Beginning : Following My Dreams


I really don’t know how to begin this post! I  feel a whirlwind of emotions inside of me as I wrap up my full time job as a computer engineer to pursue a career in the creative industry as a web designer. Today’s post is more of a letter to you about my story so…

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The 4-U Formula For Crafting Killer Headlines [Infographic]

Did you know headlines have a great impact on attracting readers to your content? Check out this killer 4U formula for crafting magnetic headlines + case st

Ever wondered why some blog posts get a lot more click-throughs than others? According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people read the headline, but only 2 proceed to read the content. No wonder experts suggest spending 50% of your content creation time coming up with the headline. Surprising right? But when you think about it,…

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How To Fix Underexposed Photos In Photoshop


Do you have those times when you realize the photo you’ve taken for your blog is dark/ underexposed in a few areas when compared to the rest of the photo? You try increasing the exposure to fix the dark areas, but as a result the other normal – bright areas get blown out and look…

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5 CSS Tricks To Transform The Look Of Your Blog


The other day I was designing a template for my design shop, and I was trying out a few fonts for the body text; I just wasn’t able to find a font that was clear and matched the overall style of the template. Then out of boredom, I started changing a few CSS properties of…

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How To Start An Etsy Shop

Want To Start An Etsy Shop? Here is the ultimate guide to get you started! Here's a complete guide on how to Start selling on etsy today!

When I wrote – 8 Reasons To Start An Etsy Shop – I was surprised by the amazing response I received for the post. So many of you seemed to be interested in starting an Etsy shop but weren’t sure where to begin. If you have a hobby that can spark a wonderful product idea, then why…

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