It is no surprise that I have been loving berry tones these days. Dried pink leaves, dark lips, the cosy weather and all the beauty blogs are screaming berry at the moment. So with no further ado, here are my berry beauty favorites that I have been loving lately.

Benefit Benetint: This is a pretty rosy pink stain that can be used for both cheeks as well as the lips. I love how subtle and natural it looks when on and it blends like a dream on the cheeks. It sheers out when applied (whatever that meant ;) but you get it), so don't be daunted by how it looks in the bottle. Love a 2 in 1 product, so compact and travel friendly!

MAC Cranberry: This eyeshadow is scary when you see it in the pan and is pretty opaque when applied too. But don't brush it away yet, it is the prettiest crease color you will ever try. It has a pearl finish and is very slightly shimmery, just perfect. I love to dab it on the eyelid as well, if i am feeling bold. 

Revlon Valentino: How pretty is that name and how prettier is the nail color itself. I love how this shade can be bold but not red, and pink but not bright. Its right in between pink and red, and is so wearable. 

MAC Gleeful: This is a mineralize blush by MAC and is so beautiful for this time of the year. Having a dull day? Pop this blush on and you will look a lot more cheerful, I promise. And if you live in a place that has no snow, this is the one that will give you cheeks which scream - 'I just rolled out of snow' ;)

Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry: If you want a dark lip which is wearable and not bold, go for this. It is the most neutral, natural, yet a dark shade that you will find ever. Such a thing of perfection, I cant even. It is so easy to apply, smells & tastes minty and it is matte. What more can I ask for?

What are your favorite berry products?
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Today is exciting as I have a guest post at one of my favorite blogs A Little Boat Sailing written by the lovely Amy. You have to check out her blog as she has some amazing beauty and lifestyle posts there and I can assure you will be hooked. 

I have written about how to give yourself a pamper facial at home. It is a simple and relaxing routine, so head over here to check it out. Hope you enjoy! :)
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I 've been blogging for an year now and have been pretty serious for the most part which means I have tried many things to make the whole process as easy and effective as possible. And trust me when I say I have spent a lot of time doing my research about all the tools out there that can be used for a more streamlined blogging experience. I have rounded up the most essential and the best of them all here to save you some time, hope it helps! :)

If you haven't installed Google Analytics for your blog yet, do it now before you read further. It is an intelligent tool that will give you a wealth of knowledge about your blog that can fuel its performance. Here is a guide to get you started.

1. Google webmaster tools: This a free service provided by google to all websites in order to help optimize their visibility on the internet. It gives you a ton of information about the google search queries that list the pages of your site in the search results, the position at which they are listed and the number of clicks to your site and also many other details including the number of inbound links, broken links etc which help you manage your site better. Here is one of the most elaborate and helpful tutorials to get you started. 

2. Picmonkey: One of the most easy-to-use photo editors out there. Very helpful in creating collages, embedding text in images and also great for performing basic edits on your photos. You can create simple headers, buttons and icons for your blog in the flick of a finger, it is that simple. 

3. Editorial Calendar: If you are working with a blog schedule, this is something you will enjoy using. It makes you feel all professional and helps you in getting your posts up more regularly. For wordpress users, there is the Co-schedule plugin which is excellent and for us blogspot users, we have our trusted Google Calendar for the rescue. You can plan your posts, color-code them according to topics  and have them scheduled on your calendar. One look at this will give you a clear idea of what posts are going up on your blog for the week or month and how they are spaced out.

4. Disqus: This is one of the best commenting systems hands down. It is very easy to set up and use, intuitive, has an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a conversation hierarchy and most importantly cuts out all the spam completely. It has a few bugs in terms of a few lost comments and delays in updating but it is still worth it.

5. Bufferapp: If you are anything like me, you hate promoting your posts on social media. Basically I can forget, and mostly I am lazy. I ve tried a bunch of apps to help me schedule my social media posts and the one I ve loved the most is Bufferapp. I basically use it just for twitter right now, but you can use it for facebook and google+ too. The best thing about it is that I can schedule for all days of the week at fixed times and just queue my posts to be sent out. Easy!

6. Evernote: We bloggers sometimes have a ton of ideas flowing out our heads and at other times feel empty and uninspired. So its best to record all those ideas and save them for the rainy days ;) I love Evernote to take down notes and jot down any ideas on the go. It is available for iOS and android too which makes it all the more better as you can sync the notes between all your devices. Genius!

7. Dropbox: Now after working hard on those blog posts and photos you don't want to lose them due to a system crash or hard drive failure, do you? And for all those times when things just seem to go wrong for no fault of yours, it is best to keep a back up of all your data in an online safe. I love dropbox for hosting files, photos and for providing a platform to share them too. 

Hope you are having a great weekend, and If you can squeeze out sometime today, start using these tools, they will save you a lot of time and energy later on.

What are your must have blogging tools? I'd love to know!
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This review has been long over due, I got this during the beginning of summer if I remember correctly. And the first thing that this reminds me of is the hibiscus flower. I am not sure why though, the color, the fragrance maybe? But nevertheless, I have lost myself to the YSL Rouge pur couture glossy lip stain, a brilliant product IMO.

The shade I have is called Corail Fauve, and as the name suggests it is a coral shade. But trust me when I say this can be the perfect transitional color for autumn as well. It has strong hues of rosy pink in it that makes it a perfect early autumn shade too. I love how bright and fresh it looks and has a pretty good color pay off, that is right in between sheer and opaque. But it is the unique formula that makes it stand out and is something that I have never tried before. It applies as a wet stain and feels a bit watery. But before you think it is going to slide and stick, it dries up into a velvety smooth gloss on the lips and stays there without moving for at least a good four to five hours. I love how soft and satiny it feels that I look forward to wearing it. It is very light on the lips and doesn't stick one bit which is a major plus for me. 

Overall, I am bloody impressed with this product, seriously one of the best I 've seen so far in terms of both the color range and the formula. It is expensive, but it is a lovely treat to give yourself, and I can assure you wont regret it. Look at that packaging, how more beautiful and elegant can it be? I think Fuschsia Dore and Rouge Gouache would be perfect shades for the autumn.

Today is diwali in India, the festival of lights! So a happy diwali to all my Indian friends and also to anyone who is reading this! Bright & Beautiful things have no cultural boundaries, right? :) 

What are your favorite shades in the YSL lip products?
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I 've been putting off using heavy moisturizers and been just using a moisturizing body wash and calling it a  day. But alas, the time has finally come to kick those dry bits and get the moisturizers going. I 've found a moisturizing solution for my dry needs, and it is here to stay for the next few months when the skies are going to be dark and the air is trying to suck the last bit of moisture out of everything!

Body: In addition to a moisturizing body wash in the shower, I use a body lotion to keep the skin free of any dryness till the end of the day. I have normal skin, but with all the heaters and dryness in the air, my skin can go pretty dry. This one: Vanilla bean noel that I got from the bath & body works works just perfectly without being greasy and staining my clothes. Plus, I need something as wonderfully fragrant to tempt me to use it, I seriously can be very lazy otherwise. And on occasions when laziness gets the better of me, I love to use the Ro's argan body conditioner which is an in shower moisturizer. It has argan oil goodness along with a heavenly rose scent which is just the perfect combination to set my mood in the mornings.

Face: After my Origins ginzing moisturizer blessed my face with its last 2 drops of citrus magic, it was time for me to go out and get myself a new one, and I knew I wanted something more for this winter. As is these days, my first choice was to pop into a lush store and see what they had. And within a few minutes of browsing the ingredients lists on the labels, I was out with a tiny tub of the Cosmetic Lad. You must be thinking I am crazy to buy myself a moisturizer designed for the lads. But trust me, it works great for us ladies too. It contains honey, aloe, chamomile, cocoa butter and many more good bits in there, and I confirmed with the lady at lush as well. It has a thick balmy texture and melts into the skin as I apply it. Love it for sure.

Lips: Nuxe reve de miel is doing a good job for now as an over night lip treatment. During the day my whip stick lip balm from lush is the one I go to. My lips are okay, not too dry but they can get burning if not treated properly. Btw, a very curious question! How many times approximately do you re apply lip balm? 

Hair & Nails: The moroccan oil that I mentioned in this haul post, is probably my best discovery of the year. I have dry,  like sahara-desert kinda dry curly hair. And thankfully, this oil is making things a lot more manageable and easy. Ah! I love the burt bees lemon cuticle butter for my very dry cuticles. They usually peel, bleed and cause a mess, but when I use this, everything is a lot more neat and painless. 

I think I 've got my moisture routine down for this winter. But lets hope I say the same until summer. Time for a hot starbucks cuppa of vanilla coffee now. Seattle is showering! Until next time, my friends.

What are your go-to moisturizers this winter?
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