Its been just over an year that I started this little space of mine. And we are almost on the verge of stepping into a new, fresh calendar year. So, I thought this would be the perfect time to plan some exciting stuff on PinkPot for the coming year. I am incredibly thankful to each one of you who have encouraged me and this space, and I yearn to make this a better place for you all to hang out. And, I need your help!

Please, could you give me your honest feedback about PinkPot by filling out this small survey below? [ I promise it won't take more than 60 seconds, you can time it if you want :) ] It has just 5 questions and they are multiple choice. You just have to click the buttons! It would really mean a lot to me and make a huge difference. Ready? Go, go.. click now! Please :)

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I've been loving simple, monochrome wallpapers recently. So here is a free wallpaper I designed myself to make you smile, Enjoy the little thingsClick to download

*Thank you so much as always, you are just the best! A huge warm cosy hug! :) *

What are your most and least favorite things about PinkPot? 
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If you are anything like me, you know how much your lips love some scrubbing in the winter months. Lip scrubs help get rid of the dry dead skin on the lips and keep it smooth and soft. I decided to whip up my own lip scrub using some ingredients from my kitchen, and guess what, it tastes incredible too. I am beyond excited to share this lip scrub recipe with you. Wohoo!

  • 2 teaspoons raw organic brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon raw organic cacao powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon almond oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon honey 
  • To make the lip scrub, just add all the ingredients in a cup and mix with your fingers or a spoon. 
  • If the lip scrub is a bit hard for you, add more almond oil. If the lip scrub is too runny, add more honey and cacao powder.
  • Store in a clean, sealed container. This lip scrub will last you indefinitely if you make sure not to let water get into it. This is a simple, mild scrub that you can use every other day and is safe to eat too!
  • With a clean spoon scoop out some scrub onto your palms. Take some on your finger and gently rub your lips with it for a good 1 minute.
  • Wash off, pat dry with a soft towel and apply your favorite lip balm. 
  • Cacao powder consists of anti-oxidants that help protect the collagen in the lips. It helps increase blood flow to the lips thereby providing nutrients and improving its texture. It also reduces the sensitivity of lips to light and protects it from harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Almond oil contains Vitamin E and D that are essential for nourishing the lips. It also lightens any pigmentation that you may have on your lips. 
  • Coconut oil is an incredible moisturizer and will keep your lips from drying out fast.  
I love how the lip scrub turned out that I am almost sure I will never go out and buy a lip scrub again. Also this is such a great hand-made holiday gift to give someone. Let me know if you try it, I would love to see and hear all about it. 

What are your favorite lip scrubs?
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I am super excited to be collaborating with Covergirl for their #GirlsCan campaign. This is all about encouraging women to turn their can'ts into can's by taking on the challenges life throws at us and saying we can do it! In association with this campaign, Covergirl has released their #GirlsCan Flamed-out and Professional mascaras which you can buy at your local Walmart. I really appreciate that Covergirl has donated $50000 towards 'Dress for Success' which is a global NPO dedicated to improving the lives of women across the world. 

Personally for me, I like it when people tell me I can't do something. Good, thank you. Now I have all the motivation and energy to prove you wrong. Someone telling me I am not capable of something empowers me to go out and get it, stand up and show them that they were wrong. I guess that is the only way we can change something negative into positive, by accepting the challenge and working towards making our goals come true, no matter what! :)

I created this  makeup look featuring my favorite products from Covergirl. I opted for a bronze eye with sheer red lips which I've been wearing almost every other day this fall. 

Face: MAC Face and Body foundation // NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer // Covergirl Blush in Rock and Rose* // Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder. Eyes: Covergirl eyeshadow palette in Coffee Shop*// Revlon Colorstay skinny eyeliner // Covergirl professional mascara*. Lips: Benefit Benetint.

Also Covergirl is giving away a 25$ Walmart gift card to one of you! All you have to do is enter the giveaway through the Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is for USA residents only and will be open for one week until 28th Nov 00:00 PST. For more information about the #GirlsCan campaign visit GirlscanGiveback, also don't forget to watch their interesting campaign video here.

*The Walmart Giftcards, Covergirl products and information have been provided by Covergirl. Rest of the products used for this look were purchased by me. This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

What are your favorite Covergirl products?
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When it comes to skincare, less is more has always been my mantra. My skin is pretty normal with occasional spots that appear depending on my food intake and stress levels. One whole bottle of Nutella in 3 days? Of course my skin is going to kick me for that. And for such times, I have a simple routine to get rid of spots and here it is :

1. Cleanse: It is important to keep your face clean without stripping the skin of its moisture at the same time. And the Juice beauty blemish clearing cleanser* certainly fits the bill. This organic cleanser which is rich in aloe, coconut and lemon juices detoxifies the skin while hydrating it at the same time. It is a brown liquid with a slight gel-like texture that leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh without any residue. I am not a huge fan of the fragrance, it smells herbal, but who cares as long as it does the job. I have found that it stops the spot from growing bigger and calms down my skin a lot. If you have oily skin which is prone to blemishes, this will work wonders for you. Also it doesn't contain harmful chemicals [sulphates, parabens etc.] and is cruelty-free, which is always a plus for me.

2. Spot Treatment: I 've found that honey and turmeric do wonders in shrinking the spot and reducing the damn pain that comes along with it. I just mix a drop of raw honey and a pinch of turmeric on my palm, dab it on the spot and leave it overnight. 

3. Fighting scars: I hate the scars that almost always stay back to remind me of that painful spot. First thing is to understand this will take time, and be patient. Stress will just cause more spots and we don't want that. Every night I moisturize my skin with some sweet almond oil and I'd certainly like to believe it helps in lightening the scars. No matter what skin type you have, using a moisturizer is a must, so never skip that!

Drinking tonnes of water and eating healthy for clear skin is of course something that goes without saying, but well - it also seems like the most difficult thing to do ;)

What are your tips to fight a blemish?

*PR SAMPLE, all opinions are my own
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When it comes to blogging, I think photography is just as important as the content. I remember when I started blogging last year, I was clueless about what was required for taking good photos. Over time, I read many photography blogs, researched on equipment and finally put together what I call as the blog photography kit. And if you are looking to put together your own, here are some things that you might find useful.

•Note• This list is elaborate, and you certainly do not need all these equipment. A simple camera and good lighting should be good to get you started. However eventually, if you happen to delve deep into the world of photography, you may want to expand your kit. 


Camera: As cliched as it sounds, it is true - A good camera doesn't make a good photo, a good photographer does. So, any camera from a high end DSLR to the one on your phone can work for you if you invest time in learning to utilize it to its full potential. I think its best to work with whatever camera you have for a while before you figure out what more you want. If you are on the lookout for a good camera to invest in, here is a list of the best options to choose from. 

Lens: The default lens on any camera works just fine, but depending on your purpose and the kind of photos you want - i.e higher sharpness, depth of field, angle width etc. - you may want to look into some lenses that do the job for you. Here is a great article to help you with lenses for your DSLR and here is another article to help you find the right lenses for your phone. Yes, there are lenses for your iPhone too!

Lighting: Natural light is your best friend and you should jump at every opportunity to shoot in the sunshine. True. However, if you live in a place where it gets dark by 4pm or there aren't huge windows, it can practically become impossible to get well-lit photos. If you are on a budget, here is a lovely DIY photography lighting kit which can help you get super bright photos on dark gloomy days. Alternatively, you may want to invest in this affordable lighting kit from amazon. 


Remote: If you require to take selfies for your blog, then getting a remote is a great idea. Camera remotes are very affordable and trust me, they make the job so much more easier. Amazon basics remoteCanon RC-6 and iPhone Remote are some options to look into.

Tripod: If the camera gets a bit shaky and you need better focus to avoid blurry photos, you can get a tripod to help keep your camera stable. This amazon best seller is a great tripod to start with.

Diffuser & Reflector: To diffuse harsh sunlight, you can use a white translucent bed sheet as a diffuser to soften the light and eliminate dark shadows and highlights. To reflect the light on to your subject for more brightness, a white foam or card board can work wonders as a reflector. 

Photo editing tools: Choose a couple of photo editors which you are comfortable working with to spruce up your photos and add that extra oomph. Here is my list of 13 best photo editors to choose from.

My Photography Kit essentials

Due to my obsessive browsing of the Sephora website [sale], beauty posts have taken a backseat on my blog during the last week, but things will spring back to normal and we will be talking lipsticks and eyeliners very soon! Have a happy Sunday, my folks! ;)

What are your photography essentials?
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