10 Amazing Sans Serif Fonts For Your Brand

Feb 04 2016

Check out these 10 gorgeous sans-serif fonts that you can use for your brand + design projects. They are all FREE too so enjoy. You will love these !
Wow, its been a while since I wrote my last font post. No worries, I am back today with a set of amazing fonts that you can use for your own branding and web design projects. Typography is a key component of branding and its important to choose clear, legible fonts that suit your brand and business. So today, keeping all the decorative script fonts aside, I am sharing with you my top sans-serif fonts that you can use for the headings and copy on your website.

If you are designing your own brand or if you are a designer who creates branding for other blogs and businesses, here are 10 fonts that you cannot go wrong with. EVER!

Raleway //  Futura

Lato // Oswald

Avenir // Montserrat

PT Sans // Geneva

Muli // Brandon Grotesque

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What are the fonts that you use on your website?

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