Jun 09 2015
Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums of expressing creativity on paper. Each brush stroke is unique and tells a story of its own. Likewise, ever since I started designing blogs, I have developed a deep interest in typography. Now imagine combining water color and typography – I love the effect of brush lettering with watercolor. The varying intensities of color and thickness of the strokes create a beautiful piece of art, almost feels like the letters are dancing away.
Here are my current top 5 favorite brush fonts, download and enjoy! 🙂 Click for the link!
So I’ve been obsessed with gathering typography inspiration on Pinterest. I have a board exclusively for typography, so if you want to see more of this, make sure to follow my board here!
What are your favorite brush fonts?
  • Not a blonde

    I love all of them >_<
    I am trying to learn some hand lettering but I´ve been struggling to find the right brush. Hopefully I will be able to improve my skills soon 🙂
    Really nice taste in typography btw.

  • Thank you so much for sharing these! They're all so incredible. x


  • Those are really nice! I really, really like Emilia.

  • I have the brushy mini font and looooove it! I haven't seen the Emilia or Besom font before – I think I need to add those to my collection asap! Sooooo pretty! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  • I love the Brushy Mini font!

    Jenna / Beauty And The Style

  • Love the typography board! I'm completely obsessed with dafont.com right now so it's great to see a fellow typography snob. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh wow the Emilia font is lovely! I might have to steal it haha! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Hi Marcela 🙂 I ll be writing a post soon about hand lettering supplies, hopefully that will be of help to u! Ha ha, thank you hun! xx

  • Hi taylor, so welcome. I agree, they are all super pretty! xx

  • Hi anatea! Aww, yes it is one of the prettiest! xx

  • Hi Kercia 🙂 Besom is a free one, its amazing! You are so welcome. What are your most favorite fonts right from the top of your head? xx

  • Its beautiful! 🙂 Thansk for reading jenna! xx

  • Ha ha 🙂 Welcome john. I hope you get it 😉 x

  • Hi allison! Thanks a lot. Dafont surely has some amazing font collections xx

  • IT IS!! Even better! Off the top of my head? My go-to font is Function Pro. Simple and straightforward, with lots of weights, including condensed versions 🙂

  • These are absolutely gorgeous! I love the Bonjour font, but now I need a spare $18 to buy it… there goes my money :p

    Akino | akinokiki.blogspot.ca

  • As a graphic designer, I use these all the time, I love them!

    Sara – She Who Is Short

  • Great post, these are all such beautiful fonts!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD // Enter my £180+ Summer Giveaway here

  • Okay, yup, I really like brush mini.
    I've never bought a font, but I have to say that if I was going to I would go for Jacques & Gilles that you mentioned in your first font post. That font is gorgeous.

  • I loe besom! I'm adding this to my font board!



  • Hello Chaitra, hope you can also share free brush fonts. Btw, what’s the font used in “it’spinkpot.com”? Thanks 🙂

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