French Knot increased online sales by 61% by relaunching their website on Shopify

One of my favorite projects till date, Lindsay and Kristy from French Knot reached out to me in mid 2018 for a website rehaul.

French Knot is an e-commerce company specializing in unique, artisan-made winter accessories like hats, handwarmers and headbands

In their initial email, they said ..

"So, we are in dire need of a new website and ecommerce system. We are on Wix right now and really like shopify and were thinking of going down that route. We really want to ramp up our e-commerce... right now sales are 80% wholesale/20% online and we'd like to reverse that trend. Anyway... looking to see if you think we should go this route? We love your feminine looking site designs! And want to know if you work with Shopify."

And we got to work.

Phase 1 : Website Objectives + Strategy:

We sat down together to understand the company’s current challenges, goals, important metrics and what areas mattered the most in terms of growth. Then, accordingly I worked on mapping out a website strategy to overcome and grow beyond the challenges. This is one of the most important and my favorite phases of every project, cuz this is where I feel like I bring a lot of clarity to the client. I can clearly break down why and where growth is lacking and what are the immediate actionable steps we can take to move over to the next level.

Website objectives:

  • Migrate content + products from Wix to Shopify
  • Implement an effective e-commerce system
  • Provide rich user experience + SEO
  • Increase online sales + repeat customers
  • Boost email marketing growth

Phase 2 : Website design:

I took their branding and ran with the style elements for the website design. Then we created wireframes and mockups for all the pages placing the copy and photos to flow along with the design.

Phase 3 : Shopify design + hand-off:

For any e-commerce company, Shopify is by far the best platform I have worked on. Its the gold standard. Period. Super flexible, plethora of supportive apps, complete code control, fast backend operations, its fluid and easy - a developer’s dream 😃  

For French Knot, we migrated from Wix to Shopify and it was an easy peasy process. Development was a lot of fun and they find it super easy to customize too.

The results:

Well, after an year since we wrapped up the project, we revisited them to do a case study. Here are some juicy results:

Traffic Growth:

After launching their new site on Shopify, their traffic grew by 61% and their overall pageviews shot up from 48000 to 108000 which is an increase of 121%!

Organic search: Maximum traffic is coming through organic search and there is a 20% increase after the re-launch of the website.

Pages / session: Users are visiting more pages in every session, which can be attributed to the new website’s improved user experience.

Sales Growth:

Growth in net sales: While Wix didnt support POS system, one of the huge advantages of moving to Shopify was their amazing POS system for sellers. Including POS sales on Shopify, the total online sales for French Knot increased by 196%. Excluding POS sales, there is about 59% growth in online sales 2018-19 compared 2017-18.

Sales in 2017 vs 2018

Growth in # of orders: There is a 79% growth in the number of orders placed on the website in 2018-19.

Here is a graph plotting the growth in number of orders over the years:

It was truly a joy to work with the ladies at French Knot. Here’s what they had to say about the project:

We first learned about Chaitra and PinkPot Studio on a podcast, so we reached out to her for help with our website redesign. I should also mention that we also vetted several local agencies at the same time to compare costs, services, etc. What we found? Chaitra was the only one who really understood our business and the e-Commerce challenges we needed to overcome with our new design. She listened to our needs, was super responsive when we had questions, and provided us with a beautiful new website! Launching our new site was painless and her tutorial videos were so helpful.

Lindsay Mason, French Knot