Pretty doesn’t cut it. Let’s talk ROI.

You have a fantastic product that you know the world needs. And chances are that most of your efforts are spent in marketing and driving more traffic to your online shop.

But..What if people are coming to your website but are leaving without buying? Gasp..!

It takes more than a neat and pretty looking website to convert browsers into buyers on your online shop.

And its called strategy.

Steve Jobs said Design is not just how it looks and feels, but how well it works. What matters more than how your site looks is how do your customers feel when they come to your site?

Truth is your website isn’t serving you well.

It's not compelling enough for your customers to buy from you. Potential customers are losing interest, getting confused and leaving your website in no time.

So all that work you did to send that customer to your website? All gone in return for nothing!

But wait. You got this lady!

Its time to turn crickets into cha-chings..

All that you need is someone who can transform your store into a gorgeous looking, sales machine. And that’s exactly where we swoop in .. like swoosh! Strategic design and writing code is my jam. My background in Business intelligence combined with my UX design skills helps me create tailor-made, highly-functional websites for product-based businesses. I am so excited to work with you to build a beautiful and strategic website that truly reflects your mission and will do the work for your business.

How French Knot tripled their shop traffic and increased online sales by 61% after relaunching their website on Shopify


We first learned about Chaitra and PinkPot Studio on a podcast, so we reached out to her for help with our website redesign. I should also mention that we also vetted several local agencies at the same time to compare costs, services, etc. What we found? Chaitra was the only one who really understood our business and the e-Commerce challenges we needed to overcome with our new design. She listened to our needs, was super responsive when we had questions, and provided us with a beautiful new website! Launching our new site was painless and her tutorial videos were so helpful.

Lindsay Mason, French Knot

Just imagine for a second. What would it mean for you if:

  • Customers when they land on your website are instantly clear on how your product can change their life
  • Your products sold themselves through your website
  • Customers returned again and again to buy more from you
  • Fall in love with your brand and want to shout about it from rooftops

As a designer, it’s difficult to find developers who go above and beyond to bring an original design concept to life. Chaitra is a coding genius! She put in extra time to meet my requests and I couldn’t be happier with the end result (and my design client was over the moon about it, too). She was wonderful to work with and I couldn’t recommend her web development services enough!

Lauren Hooker, Elle & Company

So then, are you ready to convert your Shopify website into a sales machine?

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My site looks unbelievable and I am without question thrilled for all my readers to see the new automated and totally responsive layout!  Your patience, professionalism, and passion for this project and my brand throughout the design process and beyond was remarkable. This will definitely not be the last time we collaborate together and I am thankful  that this is just the beginning of a long-term journey for both our businesses.

Alexa Walrond, The Society Darlings